Toyota’s bZ4X – a name with a number

Published on 02nd July 2024 at 20:30

Last Word First


Let’s get bZ4X out of the way – below Zero, 4-wheel drive – welcome to Toyota’s all-electric Sports Utility Vehicle, crossover.


Aside from its accumulation of letters surrounding a lone number, this is a substantial offering from Toyota, its street stance exuding a physically, sturdy persona, a weight of just under 2 tonnes confirming that is no pushover.


Being a full EV, the bZ4X has a range of over 400 kilometres and akin to its competitors, all weigh in that realm of two metric tonnes – to achieve the range, you need the batteries and they weigh lots.


My week in the company of this Toyota EV was very pleasant, with no issues with comfort and operation. City driving and two country runs raised no red flags, the bZ4X, proving roomy for adult passengers and once charged overnight on my domestic wall charger, removed any range anxiety throughout the week.


Akin to most EV’s, the bZ4X cannot hide its central weight, speed humps always confirming that this is no svelte, light on its feet, road dancer. It is functional to drive, as distinct from ‘fun,’ the driver interchange missing the tactility of the lighter, more nimble, internal combustion engine’d vehicle, the bulk of batteries a continuous influence.


This said and acknowledged, this all-electric Toyota offering offers space, a good degree of comfort, and decent range, all enwrapped in Toyota’s legendary build quality, which will tick the boxes for many. I enjoyed my time with the bZ4X and it definitely deserves a place on your test drive list.


Make: Toyota

Model: bZ4X Sport

Price: Starts at €42,950

Format: Five-door, Five-seat, Mid-size SUV, Crossover

Drive: Four-wheel drive

Power: Full Electric Vehicle

Battery: 71.4kWh – 96 cells

Charge time: 0 - 80% in 33mins on 150kWh charger

Power: 218bhp

Torque: 336Nm

Range: 500kms

CO2 emissions: Zero

Annual Road Tax: €120

Length: 4690mm

Height: 1650mm

Width: 1860mm

Weight: 1900kgs

Ground Clearance; 18cms

Boot Space: 452 litres

Manufacturer’s Warranty ·

-          3yrs/100,000km

-          3yrs/unlimited mileage - Surface rust/ Paintwork

-          12yrs/unlimited mileage – Corrosion Perforation

EV Warranty

-          5yrs/100,000km - All EV Components

-          8yrs/160,000km – EV Battery Warranty

-          Up to 10yrs/ 1 million Km EV Battery Extended Care

once serviced with a Toyota Dealer


Some of the Competition                                                                                          


VW ID4, MG5, KIA EV6, Nissan Ariya, Skoda Enyaq, KIA Niro, Hyundai Ionic 5, Subaru Soltera, (sister car), Tesla Model Y


First Impressions


My immediate thought on walking to the bZ4X was – this is a substantial car. Standing at over 4.6 metres, with a height of 1650mm, it was parked and it owned its spot. I liked its stance, exuding a confidence and the promise of future potential, albeit not in a sporty way, more like the dependability you have in an older brother, best friend, or grandparent.


There’s nothing flamboyant about the outer styling of the bZ4X, no slashes or sweeps like its Lexus cousins. Toyota has kept it all sensible, their quality and build dependability recognisable at every seam and panel gap.


Inside Story


As might be expected, everything inside is clean, clear and well laid out, the 12.3-inch centre-touchscreen luring your eyes to its delights. Rear space welcomed my six-foot-plus frame with ease, albeit with no rear well, you sit knees up. The driver sits behind a raised console, akin to that found in Peugeot models, although not as extreme.


On the Road


While all my driving was on the environs of city and open road, my dual motor, four-wheel drive does have an off-road capability. Given the severity of weather changes on our North Atlantic rock, and the benefits of having all wheels capable of pushing and pulling, that reassurance is a wonderful partner to have when grip gets iffy.


With its wide stance and long wheelbase, the bZ4X rides well on long journeys and copes with the twisties with more composure than I expected. I did find its low-down weight made itself known when negotiating the city speed humps while driving vision and steering were without complaint.


There is no substitute for test-driving your potential new car prior to purchase. With a model name that has nothing in common with its siblings, it is nonetheless very deserving of your time to assess. I was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed its company and with a range of some 500 kilometres, it will suit those whose mileage demand falls within.