Published on 24th May 2023 at 13:57

BMW”s new 5-Series – aspiration for the masses 
It’s a car many will aspire to, a car to signify your good taste and life success. Yep, the 
5-Series BMW is a road companion of great merit for decades and now in its eight 
generation, new owners will enter a motor world where a wealth of digital 
innovations and all-electric drive await. This latest model 5-Series is due here in 
October 2023 
Like all previous model generations, the new BMW 5 Series Saloon is manufactured 
at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. In 1973, the first vehicle manufactured at the 
plant was a first-generation BMW 5 Series Saloon. 
Models & Pricing 
Model  Max 

CO 2   (WLTP) 

(WLTP) kWh 


208 330 N/A 130 - 140 N/A €69,850 

BMW i5 

340 430 477 - 

0 19.5 - 15.9 €90,110 

BMW i5 

601 820 455 - 

0 20.6 - 18.2 €119,210 

Outside View 
The instantly recognisable exterior design of the new 5-Series wears the BMW 
brand’s current design language. This latest, eight-generation vehicle, has grown in 
length by 97mm to 5,06mm, in width by 32mm to 1,900mm and in height by 36mm 
to 1,515mm. The wheelbase has been increased by 20mm to 2,995mm , providing for 
improved seating comfort, especially in the rear. 
The front view of the new BMW 5 Series Saloon wears the brand’s signature twin 
headlights and BMW kidney grille. The LED headlights show the hallmark four-eye 
face in a modern and reduced form. Daytime driving lights and turn indicators are 
generated by two nearly vertical LED elements arranged on the outside. The 
Adaptive LED Headlights incorporate both the cornering light and the Matrix High 
Beam including the glare-free High Beam Assist BMW Selective Beam. M Shadow 
Line lights with black trim for the inside of the headlight housings are standard on M 
Sport Pro models. 

The BMW kidney grille, inspired by the “Sharknose” and projecting far forward, 
functions as the visual centre. With its wide surround and BMW Iconic Glow 
standard on M Sport Pro and i5 M60 xDrive models, the BMW kidney grille gives the 
5 Series a distinctively sporty appeal.  
Inside Story 
This new 5-Series is the first BMW in Ireland to feature Veganza upholstery as 
standard from launch, encompassing the seats, dashboard and door panels while the 
BMW Interaction Bar first seen in the BMW 7 Series is now incorporated in the new 
BMW 5 Series. Furthermore, the saloon is now available with a panoramic roof – the 
first time in the model’s history – and the digital experience is taken to a new high 
with cutting-edge additions of AI-driven servicing notifications and the introduction 
of in-car gaming. 
The newly designed steering wheel has three spokes and a rim that is flattened in the 
lower section, with contrast stitching in BMW M GmbH colours. With BMW i5 M60 
xDrive, a red centre marker on the steering wheel emphasises its sporty character. A 
steering wheel heating function is offered on all models as part of the Comfort Pack. 
The control panel on the centre console has also been redesigned. The iDrive 
Controller, new gear selector switch, start/stop button, My Modes buttons, volume 
control and other buttons are clearly arranged on the centre panel. With the 
CraftedClarity option, crystal glass applications for selected controls add a luxurious 
A wireless charging tray is included as standard on all models. Two USB-C ports are 
fitted as standard in the front and two further USB-C ports in the back. Optionally, a 
further USB-C port is available in the backrests of the front seats.  
New Seats – more space 
The newly designed seats promise increased comfort with optimised adjustment 
options. Sport seats are included as standard and incorporate electric height and 
inclination adjustment as well as a heating function. Active seat ventilation is 
available as part of the Comfort Plus Pack. 
The backrests of the outer rear seats extend far into the door areas, increasing 
comfort. The rear seats can be heated as part of the Comfort Plus Pack. The entire 
rear seat backrest is now divided as standard in the ratio 40:20:40. The luggage 
compartment of the new BMW 5 Series Saloon has a total storage volume of up to 
520 litres (490 litres on i5 models). Despite their drive units being integrated in the 

rear axle, the all-electric BMW i5 models have a luggage compartment volume that is 
almost equivalent to the other variants. 
The Travel & Comfort System, available as part of the Comfort Pack, adds ambient 
lighting elements to the backs of the front seats to emphasise the atmospheric 
The standard M Sport specification includes an anthracite-coloured roof lining, while 
M Sport Pro models also feature M seat belts. 
Trim Levels 
Available in three, well specified trim levels in Ireland – M Sport, M Sport Pro and 
the exclusive BMW i5 M60 xDrive – the new BMW 5 Series Saloon is available to 
order now, priced from €71,690 RRP.  
Those who like their sounds are well catered for, with the standard Harman Kardon 
Surround Sound System provides a high-level sound experience with 12 speakers and 
a 205 watt amplifier, which provides 18 speakers and amplifier output boosted to 655 
watts, the optional Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System guarantees a high- 
level acoustic experience. A seven-channel digital amplifier creates a clear sound 
experience in all seats. 
The new BMW 5 Series Saloon is to be offered for the first time with the choice of all- 
electric models. The new BMW i5 is being launched with two model variants: the 
BMW i5 M60 xDrive performance model is positioned at the top of the model series. 
Both it and the BMW i5 eDrive40, are equipped with enhanced fifth-generation 
BMW eDrive technology. 
BMW i5 eDrive40: 
The BMW i5 eDrive40 combines advanced BMW eDrive technology with traditional 
rear-wheel drive. The electric motor is located directly in the rear axle and generates 
maximum output of 340hp and maximum torque of 400Nm or 430Nm with the 
Sport Boost or Launch Control function. 
BMW i5 M60 xDrive: 
The BMW i5 M60 xDrive is the new top model and combines a 601hp (with M Sport 
Boost or M Launch Control) electric drive with hallmark M performance and specific 

design features. Two highly integrated drive units on the front and rear axles form 
the electric all-wheel drive system. The rear motor generates 340hp, while the front 
motor produces 261hp. The system torque generated by both motors is 795Nm or 
820Nm when M Sport Boost or M Launch Control is activated. 
The BMW i5 M60 xDrive and BMW i5 eDrive40 feature a shift paddle marked with 
"Boost" near the left steering wheel spoke. If the paddle is pulled for more than 0.8 
seconds, a Sport Boost indicator appears on the Information Display, and maximum 
acceleration is triggered by the accelerator pedal. At the same time, the drive sound 
changes to that assigned to My Mode SPORT. 
High-voltage battery 
The high-voltage battery used in the all-electric variants is derived from the latest 
fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. It is composed of four modules with 72 
battery cells each and three modules with 12 cells each. The battery has a particularly 
flat design and is fitted in the underbody of the BMW i5 to save space. It provides a 
usable energy content of 81.2 kWh. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive has a range 
of 455 – 516kms (WLTP), while the BMW i5 eDrive40 has a range of 477 - 582 kms. 
My Mode EFFICIENT with new MAX RANGE function 
When driving in My Mode EFFICIENT, the range of the BMW i5 can be increased by 
up to 25 percent by limiting drive power and top speed, combined with reduced 
comfort functions.  
The MAX RANGE mode was designed for situations where a planned charging stop 
is no longer possible. The maximum speed is limited to 90km/h; the air conditioning 
is deactivated; rear window heating is reduced; steering wheel and seat heating and 
ventilation are deactivated. The range gained in this way is shown on the Control 
Display, the speed and power scales are adjusted on the Information Display and the 
additional range is taken into account in the range forecast.  
Four-cylinder petrol engine with 48-volt mild hybrid technology 
The four-cylinder petrol engine is equipped with 48-volt mild hybrid technology that 
uses a crankshaft starter generator to produce a spontaneous response to every 
accelerator movement, both when starting off and during acceleration, and increases 
comfort when using the Auto Start Stop function. The energy required is stored in a 
48-volt battery located under the luggage compartment. It is charged by means of 
recuperation during overrun and braking. In addition to the electric motor, the 48- 

volt battery also supplies the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system via a voltage 
In the new BMW 520i Saloon, this engine produces 190hp and 310 Nm of torque, 
increased to 208hp and 330Nm with the support of the 48-volt mild hybrid 
technology – 24hp and 40Nm more than its predecessor. 
New 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with Sport Boost function 
A new 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission is standard, with shift paddles on the 
steering wheel and a Sport Boost function activated by the left paddle. The new 
transmission includes the electric motor and the 48-volt mild hybrid power 
electronics in its housing. damper system increase efficiency and shift comfort. 
The advanced Integral Active Steering is also available for the new BMW 5 Series 
Saloon as part of the Adaptive Suspension Professional. Depending on vehicle speed, 
the rear wheels are turned either against the front wheels or in the same direction by 
up to 2.5°. At low speeds this aids manoeuvring in and out of parking spaces, while 
the turning circle is reduced by more than 0.6 metres to 11.7 metres. 
Adaptive Suspension Professional  
The Adaptive Suspension Professional with electronically controlled dampers is 
optionally available across the range. Infinitely adjustable valves enable wheel- 
specific regulation of the damper forces. The rebound and compression stages of the 
dampers are infinitely variable. Using My Modes, two different maps can be 
activated for the dampers. The damper control takes into account longitudinal and 
lateral acceleration, speed, steering angle, and body and front wheel acceleration, in 
order to activate the required damper force within a few milliseconds.  
Larger light alloy wheels 
The standard equipment of the new BMW 5 Series Saloon includes 19-inch light alloy 
wheels on M Sport models, while M Sport Pro models receive 20-inch light alloy 
wheels as standard - 20-inch and 21-inch light alloy wheels are available ex-works 
and in the genuine BMW accessories range. 
Driving Assistant Professional 
Driving Assistant Professional, available as part of the Tech Pack Plus, includes 
Distance Control with Stop & Go function and Steering and Lane Control Assistant. 

The combination of these two features enhances the level 2 automated driving 
Further components of the system are Side Collision Protection with active return, 
Road Priority Warning and Wrong-way Warning, the front and rear Crossing-traffic 
Warning with braking function as well as the Emergency Lane Assistant and 
Emergency Stop Assistant functions in selected countries. 
The central area of the cockpit display is reserved for an augmented reality 
representation of the vehicle and its surroundings. Camera images are combined 
with additional graphics and information to provide the driver with a precise 
overview of the surroundings.  
Active Lane Change Assistant 
Launching initially in Germany, the United States and Canada, this package also 
includes the new version of the Active Lane Change Assistant, available for the first 
time in the new BMW 5 Series Saloon. This system can automatically carry out lane 
change manoeuvres with corresponding steering movements and speed adjustments. 
As a world first, the Active Lane Change Assistant can be controlled by eye activation. 
The vehicle suggests a lane change and this can be carried out by looking in the 
exterior mirror to confirm. The Active Lane Change Assistant makes the necessary 
steering movements automatically up to a speed of 136km/h. It is no longer 
necessary to confirm the lane change with the turn indicator. The launch timeframe 
for this functionality in the Irish market is not confirmed. 
Driving Assistant 
The scope of the front collision warning now includes detection of oncoming traffic 
when turning left and of pedestrians or cyclists when turning left. The Lane 
Departure Warning with active lane return now also reacts to oncoming traffic that 
poses a potential collision risk.  
Active lane return has been added to the Lane Change Warning, and a braking 
function has been added to the rear Crossing-traffic Warning. Further components of 
the Driving Assistant are the rear collision warning, exit warning, Evasion Assistant 
and Crossroads Warning with brake intervention. Cruise control with brake function 
and manual Speed Limit Assist is also standard. 
Parking Assistant including Reversing Assistant as standard 

The standard Parking Assistant includes start monitoring and the Trailer Assistant, 
as well as a Reversing Assist Camera that creates panoramic images of the area 
behind the vehicle. Parking Assistant assists the driver in selecting parallel or 
perpendicular parking spaces. In addition to the steering tasks, it also takes over 
accelerating and braking as well as the necessary gear shifts. 
The standard Reversing Assistant enables automated reversing in narrow 
environments such as multi-storey car parks. It stores the steering movements when 
driven forwards at up to 35km/h, which the system can then repeat in reverse for up 
to 50 metres. 
Parking Assistant Plus, part of the Tech Pack, additionally includes the Parking View, 
Panorama View front and 3D View functions. This shows a 360-degree image of the 
vehicle and its surroundings on the Control Display. In addition, the Remote 3D 
View function allows the driver to view a live image on their smartphone (available 
for Apple iPhone from iOS 16.2). The BMW Drive Recorder and anti-theft recorder 
are also included. 
Parking Assistant Professional: Control parking manoeuvres via 
In conjunction with the optional Parking Assistant Professional (part of the Tech 
Pack Plus), the Reversing Assistant can take over steering for up to 200 metres. The 
system can now orient itself to marker lines and kerbs as well as other vehicles when 
parking automatically. In tight spaces, the driver can now control the manoeuvre 
outside of the vehicle using the My BMW app (available for Apple iPhone from iOS 
Interior camera for image and video recording 
The Tech Pack includes an interior camera in the roof area that allows passengers to 
take photos and record video and sound to capture special moments and share them 
with friends or family. The recordings can be transferred by scanning a QR code in 
the control display. In addition, the customer can use the remote function in the My 
BMW app to request footage from the interior camera on their smartphone. The 
interior camera is also activated when the anti-theft recorder is triggered.