Published on 29th February 2024 at 07:33

smart, a rejuvenated automotive name, in small letters, but with big intentions, has 
returned to the Irish market, with the arrival here of the all-new, all-electric smart 
#1. As its name suggests, this is the first model in a sequence of EV models that its 
manufacturers say is destined to be ‘the new premium intelligent all-electric auto 
Bearing the ‘smart #’ hashtag branding, with others similar to follow, the new smart 
#1 edition comes on the market in a choice of four versions: 
 the entry-level Pro 
 Pro+ 
 Premium edition 
 #1 BRABUS edition 
The Pro, Pro+ and Premium editions, all share the same appearance, outside and 
inside, with some slight feature variations that extend the choice available to 
Owners choosing the smart #1 BRABUS edition – styled by the German luxury 
mobility brand specialists of the same name, get unique badging and appropriately 
finished bodywork trim and sports styling, a distinctive interior in harmony, plus 
performance with a capital ‘P.’  
Domestically, the smart #1 range will be marketed through a number of dealer 
outlets within the Mercedes-Benz passenger car network and will enter the market at 
€37,479 for the Pro design line. 
Those that can recall the original smart car, will picture a compact city car that is 
everything the latest model is not. Standing substantially at 4.2m long, 1.8m wide 
and 1.6m high on a 2.7m wheelbase, with frameless doors, generous  glasswork, 19” 
alloy wheels and panoramic glass roof, the smart #1 range now sits firmly in the very 
competitive mid-size SUV segment . 
Sitting into the smart #1, the floating centre console is nicely done, offering space 
and support. A high-resolution central, touch screen display houses a fully 
integrated infotainment system operating the features on passenger comfort, driver 
assistance, radio and entertainment. 
Also included is; 
 a premium audio system with 13 speakers 
 ambient lighting with 64 colour choices and 20 illumination levels 
 a 9.2-inch HD digital instrument cluster 
 a 10-inch head up display 
Luggage space is 273-litres, increasing to 411 litres via the 60:40 split rear seats split, 
there is also 13-cms forward adjustment and slide feature for variable cargo space, 
plus an additional 15-litres forward storage space.  

The smart #1 range comes with an all-electric engine and is rear-wheel drive, 
delivering 272bhp (200kW), with max torque of 343Nm. Battery is a 66 kWh NCM 
unit delivering a maximum range of 420-440 kms (WLTP). Its maximum charging 
capabilities are: 22 kW (AC) and 150kW (DC) with charging times of 10-80% in 
under 3 hours (AC) and 10-80% in under 30 mins (DC). 
Safety and security are well represented, with features including; 
 Matrix LED headlights 
 Y-shaped front and rear light bands 
 7-airbags 
 extensive driver assistance package 
 dedicated app and customisable infotainment 
 AI-based voice control 
 Connectivity 
 3D user interface features.  
For more information, please visit www.smartelectric.ie