SEAT El-Born – Spanish Concept at Swiss Show

Published on 05th March 2019 at 08:15
Front View
Rear View

SEAT el-Born will make its public debut at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. This latest SEAT model is a concept car, the first 100% electric vehicle based on the Volkswagen Group MEB platform. This sporty concept car with advanced electric technology, was inspired by, and named after, one of the most iconic neighbourhoods of Barcelona: El Born.

The vehicle was designed and developed in Barcelona and will be manufactured at the Zwickau plant in Germany.


With its energy dense battery pack, the SEAT el-Born has a range of up to 420km on the WLTP official test cycle and can recharge the battery in as little as 37 minutes.

The SEAT el-Born also incorporates autonomous functionality to support the driver as well as a host of assistance systems.

Niall Phillips Brand Director at SEAT Ireland, commenting on the el-Born, said, “SEAT is committed to being at the cutting edge of vehicle technology and we’re thrilled to be revealing our very first all-electric vehicle. The el-Born is an innovative yet practical concept car, that’s both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. We are deeply in tune with the future mobility demands of our customer base and the el-Born is the ideal product that will take advantage of this ever-changing consumer demands and the current and future tax reliefs in Ireland.”

Outside View

The el-Born has its wheels to the four corners of the vehicle, giving it a great stance, aerodynamics playing a huge role in maximising the vehicle’s range. The SEAT logo on the front is flush to the body, where there is no need to take in air to cool the engine so no demand for a grille and cooling vents are placed lower down the front, providing air to the battery pack and streamlining air flow over this area.

The position of the A-pillar has been moved further forward, creating a sleeker look, and internally, more room in the cabin, due to the electric powertrain requiring less room.

It stands on 20” wheels, with the turbine design creates a flow of air that improves aerodynamics and also ventilates the brakes to maintain dynamism. The wheels provide a balance between aerodynamics, heat evacuation and lightness.

At the rear of the vehicle a double layer spoiler contributes to the aerodynamic performance too, ensuring air flow remains smooth and turbulence is minimal. It also provides an awareness of the vehicle’s dynamic and performance virtues.

Inside Story

Inside the el-Born, the driving position is driver focused and space is maximised thanks to the all-electric powertrain, the sculpted cabin providing a feeling of lightness, but also technological advancement, with the integration of the digital cockpit, a 10” infotainment and connectivity screen perched in the centre of the dashboard.

All occupants enjoy more room to relax into their cocooning seats, thanks to the increased internal proportions offering greater storage space, with room to store a bag between the two front seats.

el-Born Power

The el-Born has a power output of up to 204PS, with a real-world range of up to 420km based on the WLTP drive cycle from its 62kWh energy dense battery pack. Also, with compatibility with up to 100kW DC supercharging, the battery can be returned from 0 to 80% in as little as 37 minutes.

This model integrates an advanced thermal management system to maximise vehicle range in the most extreme of environmental conditions. The heat pump can reduce the electrical heating consumption, saving up to 60km in autonomy – useful in countries like Ireland where temperatures can drop and climate control systems are necessary.

el-Born Tech

SEAT el-Born integrates the latest developments in autonomous functionality and connectivity to relieve some of the pressures of modern life. It benefits from autonomous level two systems, giving partial automation to the vehicle so it can control steering, acceleration and deceleration events. Add to this amongst other Intelligent Park Assist and the SEAT el-Born is a concept car that encapsulates the future of driving.