Renault EZ-FLEX – Delivering to the Streets

Published on 18th April 2019 at 09:08


Distinctive looking from any angle, Renault’s concept EZ-FLEX is a compact and manoeuvrable vehicle, designed to move seamlessly throughout towns and cities.


With dimensions of 3.86 in length, width of 1.65m and height of 1.88m, rear loading height of 760mm, plus a load capacity of 3m3, the EZ- FLEX is small enough to access urban car parks, its turning circle of 4.5m providing much needed manoeuvrability in the streets of city/town centres.


Internally, a compact cockpit offers the full range of assets of a true LCV, meeting the needs of a delivery driver: It has wide access to the cockpit, a clear central dashboard for quick and easy access to driving information, excellent visibility and simple and efficient controls. 


The interface is modern and apes the functionality users experience with their smartphones. It offers services and applications linked to the vehicle and can integrate further applications linked to various professionals’ activities.


The EZ- FLEX was also designed to enable a wide variety of configurations for the cargo-bay. These rear space configurations are adaptable, designed to meet the different needs of the assorted professionals to whom the vehicle will be lent.


With the average urban delivery vehicle covering 50km per day, the EZ-FLEX is well suited to city and large town centres, its overall range being 100km.


EZ-FLEX - A Collaborative, Innovative and unprecedented Experiment


A dozen Renault EZ-FLEX vehicles will be lent to various professionals, companies, cities and municipalities in Europe. The experiment is expected to last about 2 years.


A vehicle of tomorrow today, the EZ- FLEX is equipped with sensors to better understand its use. Professional users will further enrich this data with their feedback during the experiment. Different data types will be collected including but not limited to: Geolocation, mileage, range, use of cargo opening, speed, stops, etc. This data will then be transferred via the vehicle’s connected system, either in real time or once per day, to understand the reality of daily use.


The analysis of the data, twinned with the users’ feedback, will enable Renault to design vehicles which are better adapted to the evolution of urban logistics.


Through this experiment, Renault has a new approach to prepare and design the innovations of tomorrow. This flexible method, which is a breakthrough in the automotive industry, is very close to practices used in other sectors, such as gaming.



EZ-FLEX: Preparing the flexibility of tomorrow


In a world where the increase in urbanisation will lead to over 60% of the population living in cities by 2030, the mobility of people is not the only aspect to rethink. A new era is also beginning for transporting goods; rapidity, flexibility and reliability are even more important at a time that has seen rapid growth in online purchasing.

The demand for ever faster and more accurate delivery times is coupled with increasing regulatory constraints in towns and city centres.