Pony up in silence, it’s the Mustang Mach-E

Published on 16th March 2022 at 13:09

Make: Ford 

Model: Mustang Mach-E

Format: 5-door, 5-seat SUV

Trim Level: First Edition

Engine: Full Electric

Power: Twin electric motors, one on each axel, 91kWh

BHP: 346bhp

Torque: 580Nm

Max DC Charge Power: 150kWh (0 – 80% charge in 45 minutes of 150kWh charger)

Transmission: single speed, with three drive modes, Active, Whisper and Untamed

Drive: All-Wheel-Drive

CO2: 0g/km

Tax Band: A0

Annual Road Tax: €120

Boot Space:482 litres – 1420 litres with rear seats folded. Frunk, (Front trunk) 81litres

Length: 4713mm

Width: 1930mm (including mirrors 

Height: 1624mm

Range starting Price - €53,100

Mach-E AWD First Edition, Extended Range price from: €76,100

(Prices quoted are gross retail prices with SEAI grant and exclude delivery and related charges)

It’s a What?

The terms ‘icon’ and ‘legend’ are often flung around like a politician’s promises, the sincerity and accuracy at variance from the reality. Mention the word ‘Mustang’ and most will be transported to the streets of San Francisco, or any number of other films where the level of being cool is elevated hugely by the presence of a galloping horse, affixed to a growling and somewhat V8.

Extending the appeal of Mustang into a new generation of propulsion is a risk the Ford folk obviously are optimistic about. For me, as someone who took the petrol ICE Mustang down Route 66 in 2015, I unashamedly have an emotional link to a car that is pure Rock ‘ Roll, so any loos to the mystique would be hard to swallow.

Outside View

First Impressions are mixed, the silhouette definitely un-Mustang-like and while the galloping horse was there to be seen, the sense of adventure was somewhat dulled by the substantial SUV coupe that now sought to wear the crown.

No question, this five-seated, five-door, in Lucid Red, is visually impressive. My test model was the Mach E, extended-range 91kW unit with All-Wheel-Drive, three drive modes and a plethora of assistance, comfort and safety features worthy of a Master’s degree to fully explore. 

Going some way to fill the shoes of its better-known sibling, the Mach-E AWD stands on 19” wheels, the standard Rear-Wheel-Drive shod with 18’s, while those looking to redefine their notion of acceleration via the GT variant, get 20” to transfer its 450bhp to the tarmac.

Over my week-long association with the Mach-E, it’s looks did grow on me, particularly the front end, with it solid, painted nose, the absence of the normal grill mine to reconcile. I like the rear, the light signature reminiscent of that on the latest Mustang 2+2.

Inside Story

Access into the Mach-E is devoid of any head-banging, twist or bending, its elevated demeanour allowing a more dignified entrance and exit than the conventional hatchback, proving the appeal of its Crossover design. Conventional door handles are replaced by an electric push-button on the B-pillar and a subtle protruding ledge just below it that allows convenient access. 

The internal layout is dominated by the centre console’s 15.5-inch full HD touch display featuring more information than the Trinity College Library. Easy to navigate, it is best to acclimatise to its talents when parked up, rather than when mobile.

The system includes Ford’s SYNC4 AppLink, with supported apps like what3words, Waze and WebEx. A wireless charging pad is also standard.

I certainly found the system easy to use and very functional, the only niggle being the need to have a microfibre cloth on hand to erase the accumulated fingerprints – 21st century problem!

Room and comfort were without complaint, the addition of a heated steering wheel a decadent delight in the winter chill. My test car came with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, which has no problem in filling every atom of the cabin with your chosen tunes.

Being on the long side, I found no issue with securing a good driving position, with no complaints on along county jaunt from my three passengers, making the Mach-E one of the most user friendly EV’s available.

On the Road

With the increase in the EV population, most folk have been introduced, and introduced the friends, to the progress potential of these silent licence assassins. Certainly, the Mach-E on test, can easily bring the horizon into your lap, its 346bhp and 580Nm of torque hugely capable id called upon.

Aside from its ability to melt tarmac and your licence with equal enthusiasm, the Mach-E is great road company. It feels good in your hands and I only found its two- tonne weight noticeable if I was forgetful when crossing speed humps. Make no mistake, this is one substantial car and while it can dance through the twisties, it deserves respect, even with All-Wheel-Drive as in my test car, you don’t want to get it loose and giddy. 

Driver will like the Mach-E and if you’ve ever driven a Mondeo, Focus or Fiesta, you will feel right at home behind the Mach-E steering wheel.

As with all EV’s the inescapable concern of range is a prime factor. This being the Extended Range AWD Mach-E, Ford reckon on a range of some 540kms, with 45minutes charge time on a 150kWh charger to take it from ten percent to eighty percent. With my domestic charger of 3.4kWh, it took from 9pm to 7.30 pm to get the range showing 390kms.

I did find the reduction on the range gauge was thankfully slower than I expected. I pre-selected the One-Pedal option on the menu, allowing, with judgement, the almost redundancy of the brake pedal. This does require a bit of finesse so as to avoid adding a jerkiness to the ride quality, which the car does not deserve.

Last Word

Big, powerful, technically advanced and very competent on road, the Mustang Mach-E bring electrical propulsion to the Ford marque via the legacy of its galloping horse. It achieves much in the offering, with the Mach-E’s ease of use, technical talent, interior comfort and good driving experience, an overall competent package many could live with. As a first full EV offering the Mustang Mach-E shows Ford to be very capable in their intent, their future mobility solutions and exciting prospect. Now, about the looks of the Mach-E – a tad like ET, at the end I wanted to bring it home. 

Choose your Pony

Rear Wheel Drive Mustang Mach-E, 269 PS/198 kW with standard-range battery, 294 PS/216 kW, (288 cells), with extended-range battery and 430 Nm of torque

All-Wheel-Drive Mustang Mach-E, 269 PS/ 198 kW with standard-range battery, 351 PS/258 kW with extended-range battery and 580 Nm of torque

First Edition Mustang Mach-E features all-wheel drive and extended-range battery, (376 cells) as standard for 351 PS/258 kW, 580 Nm of torque

The GT Mustang Mach-E features all-wheel drive and extended-range battery as standard for 487 PS, 860 Nm of torque