Peugeot to the Four with New 208 and Electric Models

Published on 26th February 2020 at 10:16


Not content with introducing the new Peugeot 208, Gowan Group recently took the opportunity to showcase an additional three other models, the all-new Peugeot e-208, 3008 Hybrid4 and 508 Hybrid, to a gathering of Irish motoring journalists. The two-day event highlighted their comprehensive choice of propulsion; Electric, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel, the latter two firmed up in their need and presence by Colin Sheridan, their Sales and Marketing Director.


The 2020 208 is a beaut, its mid-life midlife revamp putting a visually delightful offering on the streets. Lighter and longer than the previous, it is only available as a five-door, its distinguished design cues elevating it to serious status within the segment.


If the outside is visually appealing, then the interior will produce saliva in all bar the tasteless. Akin to its siblings, the 208 get the iCockpit, complete with small steering wheel, the centre console turned slightly towards the driver and very tactile piano switches providing access to the cars comfort controls. While opinion is divided still on the flat-bottomed, small steering wheel, the rest of the interior is very individual and a lovely place to be. 


A really nice touch is the new three-dimensional display, where information on speed, engine revs, Sat Nav info give the visual impression of being in front of the screen – lovely.


Launch Drives

The launch provided only a small opportunity to sample it is in its various guises on the road, the 1.2, 100bhp, 3-cylinder petrol great company on the Wicklow back roads, while the eight-speed automatic was very impressive on similar terrain and a snappy one-hundred-kilometre motorway run.


The e-208 brings a hushed silence to every journey. It’s propulsion method is housed within the same new body design as all other 208’s, with only visual cues like the body-coloured front grill and the letter ‘e’ on the C-pillar distinguishing it apart.


As with all EV’s it is an automatic and with a selection option of regeneration by selecting ‘B’ via the tactile selector. Definitely worth a longer drive, the 136bhp and healthy torque definitely worth spending more time with.


There is a 1.5 diesel model, but time was not on my side to drive it. Its presence and the presence of diesel choice across its passenger range indicates where Gowan Group seek to satisfy customer needs and demands, their future offerings of passenger cars and light commercials by 2023 going to be electrified.


On talking to Colin Sheridan, Sales and Marketing Director at Gowan Distributors, he said: “Peugeot is rapidly embracing an electric future. It’s an exciting time as the brand works to ensure customers have the choice between conventional petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or all-electric variants. No two customers’ needs are the same and Peugeot aims to meet this very diverse customer requirement by offering a growing, wide range of powertrains.”


Peugeot Summary


The all-new e-208, retails from €27,334 inclusive of SEAI grant and VRT relief, and is available in Active, Allure, GT Line and the flagship GT trim. The 100 KW (136 bhp) electric unit with 50kWh battery, develops 260Nm of torque


Three drive modes are on offer, (Eco, Normal and Sport). Drive range is up to 340 km, in accordance with the latest WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedures) certification. The battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km, for up to 70% retention, certifiable by the Peugeot Dealer Network. Interior and boot-space are identical to the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) versions as the batteries are distributed under the floor pan. 


Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 – Government Grants

The new Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 and 508 Hybrid ranges have passed stringent certification tests under the new WLTP protocol. Under Ireland’s Budget 2020 announcements, the new models will therefore qualify for the newly calculated grant thresholds now applicable; under new rules, plug-in hybrids must now emit less than 50g/km CO2 and travel more than 50km in all-electric mode to qualify for the €5,000 SEAI grant and €2,500 VRT relief schemes.


Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 300bhp AWD

The SUV Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 300bhp AWD model, available in the top-of-the-range GT Line and GT trims, achieves 29g C0₂/km (1,3l/100km) and a 59km range in 100% electric mode. This is the result of the combination of a 200hp (147kW) PureTech engine and two electric motors: one at the front coupled to the e-EAT8 8-speed automatic gearbox developing 110hp (81kW) and the second coupled to the rear train developing 112hp (83kW).

The battery capacity is 13.2kWh for a 100% electric range. A full battery charge is made in 1h45 when using a Wallbox. 4WD mode provides improved traction on roads or difficult terrain.


3008 SUV Hybrid4 225bhp (165kW) two-wheel drive

This April, the 3008 SUV Hybrid4 model will be joined by a 225bhp (165kW) two-wheel drive Hybrid version, available in Allure, GT Line and GT trims and combining a 180hp (132 kW) PureTech engine with a 110 hp (80kW) electric motor located at the front of the vehicle coupled to the e-EAT8 8-speed automatic gearbox. 


Available in Allure, GT Line and GT trim, the 508 fastback achieves 29g CO₂/km and 54 km in 100% electric mode, whilst the SW estate achieves 30g CO₂/km and 52 km in 100% electric mode.


The 3008 Allure PHEV two-wheel drive model retails from €37,995 plus delivery related charges, inclusive of VRT relief and the SEAI grant.



508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid

The new Peugeot 508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid combine a 180bhp (132kW) PureTech petrol engine with a 110bhp (80kW) electric motor for a maximum combined power of 225bhp (165kW). The battery offers a capacity of 11.8kWh and recharging takes 1h45 with a Wallbox (optional 6.6 kW charger, 32A).


Built on Peugeot’s EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform), boot volumes are identical to the combustion versions (487L for Peugeot 508 and 530L for Peugeot 508 SW).  


New driving modes are on offer: A Zero Emission 100% electric mode; Sport mode; Hybrid mode; Comfort mode, combining the Hybrid mode with the comfort of the controlled suspension.


The 508 Allure PHEV retails from €38,900 plus delivery, inclusive of VRT relief and the SEAI grant.