Published on 27th June 2023 at 10:47

Opel ‘Blitz’ set for 2024 unveil 

Opel has revealed a new interpretation of its emblem, the ‘Blitz’, which will feature 
on its new models from 2024. The Blitz will continue to form a central element of the 
Opel Compass, one of the main features of the German carmaker’s design 
philosophy, unveiled first on the multi-award winning Mokka and introduced since 
on the Grandland, Astra, and forthcoming new Corsa. 
Sitting at the centre of the Opel Vizor brand face, the lightning bolt, or ‘Blitz’ in 
German, is closely associated with electricity and is the ideal emblem to symbolise 
Opel’s approach to the era of electromobility; Opel will offer 15 all-electric models by 
the end of 2023, marketing all-electric models only by 2028. 
Mark Adams, Vice President design, said: “The ‘Blitz’ is the icon for our Bold and 
Pure philosophy. The sharpened, confident new ‘Blitz’, intersects the pure supporting 
ring, giving our iconic emblem a progressive, modern look. It is positioned proudly at 
the centre of our compass, which is our key graphic design principle. The compass is 
the backbone of our front, rear and interior design elements.”  
Florian Huettl, Opel CEO, said: “Our ‘Blitz’ is more relevant than ever before. It not 
only symbolises our commitment to the democratization of innovation and mobility 
but also conveys our commitment to becoming a fully electric brand in Europe by 
2028. This year, we will already have 15 electrified models in our portfolio and can 
proudly say that Opel is electric.”  
Opel will gradually roll out the new ‘Blitz’ across its product portfolio in the coming 
years with the first production vehicle set to sport the new look in 2024. However, a 
strong hint of how it will look in production will come much sooner. 
Opel CEO, Florian Huettl explained: “The IAA Mobility is one of the biggest motor 
shows in the world and therefore the perfect location to proudly introduce a large, 
international audience to our new ‘Blitz’. And, we also have a surprise planned. 
Visitors of our presence in Munich will be thrilled.” 
Pic 1: A new Blitz is born. The sharper icon is set to make its debut on new Opel 
production models in 2024. 
Pic 2: Sitting proudly at the centre of the Opel Vizor brand face, the lightning bolt, or 
‘Blitz’ in German, is closely associated with electricity, the ideal emblem to symbolise 
Opel’s electrified range.