Published on 27th June 2023 at 10:35

Opel on the cusp of being a full electric brand 
Opel has taken a major step towards becoming a fully electric brand by announcing 
that the successor to the Opel Crossland B-SUV will be offered with an all-electric 
drive in 2024, meaning that every model in the German carmaker's product portfolio 
will be available with a battery-electric variant as early as next year. 
Florian Huettl, Opel CEO, said: "With the successor to the Crossland we will make 
the fun of battery-electric driving available across our entire model range - and give 
our customers access to locally emissions-free mobility in every one of our models." 
Opel’s range of battery-electric Opel models includes the Corsa Electric, Mokka 
Electric, the Combo-e Life and the Zafira-e Life people carriers, to the Rocks Electric 
quadricycle, available depending on country. These vehicles have been joined by the 
new Astra Electric, sporting a range of 418km WLTP and available to order as a 5- 
door hatch and Sports Tourer estate in Ireland from late 2023, and they will now be 
followed next year by the all-electric successors to the Crossland and Grandland 
Depending on the country, battery-electric versions of the complete commercial 
vehicle portfolio are available, including the Combo-e and Vivaro-e, together with the 
Rocks Electric Kargo and Movano-e. By the end of this year, Opel will offer 15 fully 
electrified models. 
Those seeking alternatives to pure battery, electric drive can opt for those powered 
by plug-in petrol hybrid powertrains. The Astra GSe and the Grandland GSe ranges 
offer a system power output of up to 300hp and strong maximum torque of up to 
520 Nm, with CO2 emissions from as low as 25-28 g/km combined.  
Within months, 48V hybrids will join the electrified line-up, starting with the 
recently announced new Opel Corsa. The 74 kW/100 hp and 100 kW/136 hp engines 
will come with a new dual-clutch automatic transmission. The new Corsa will offer 
customers a choice of drives, from purely battery-electric to hybrid to combustion 
Opel is continuing to pioneer the development of hydrogen fuel cell transporters. The 
Vivaro-e-Hydrogen is already on the road in a number of European countries and a 
large fuel cell transporter is scheduled to follow in 2024. 
Pictured: Opel will offer 15 fully electric models in its line-up by the end of 2023, 
with a new all-electric Crossland and Grandland to join the range in 2024. By 2028, 
Opel will offer a fully electric product portfolio in Europe.