Opel’s new Frontera to debut later in 2024

Published on 10th April 2024 at 11:36

Opel has revealed the first full images of the new Opel Frontera, which will debut in 
Irish showrooms later in 2024, the price and equipment announced closer to launch. 
This old name on their new SUV will be available both in fully electric and hybrid 
powertrains. It has an upright stance, offering a functional and spacious cabin. The 
new Opel Blitz emblem sits at the centre of the Opel Vizor. The black vizor gives the 
front of the Frontera an easy identity, seamlessly integrating the headlamps. The 
recognisable Opel wing signature is featured, with three lighting blocks separated by 
body-coloured insets. The side view reveals a distinctive C-pillar, which visually 
splits the spacious cabin. Elsewhere, the pronounced wheel arches and wings give the 
newcomer a solid and modern look. 
The modern look and feel continues in the interior, where wide horizontal decors on 
the instrument panel and doors visually widen the airy cabin. The fully digital Pure 
Panel cockpit comes with two 10-inch displays and multimedia infotainment system, 
a new steering wheel. 
The newcomer also caters for those who prefer to rely on their own mobile device by 
offering an optional innovative smartphone station. With a dedicated app, the user's 
smartphone becomes the vehicle's infotainment control panel, also interacting with 
the steering wheel buttons. 
Charging mobile devices is easier courtesy of a cooled wireless charger and two USB 
ports available in the front and a further two USB ports available in the second row. 
Larger devices that would normally not fit into the cabin properly, such as tablets, 
can be safely stored in the centre console thanks to a flexible strap that holds them in 
place. Further open storage areas in the cabin feature rubber lining preventing 
rattling and sliding. Second row passengers can take advantage of the integrated 
smartphone pockets in the back rests of the front seats. 
The patented Intelli-Seat feature in the front seats, designed to relieve pressure on 
the tailbone, ensures outstanding comfort even during long journeys. In addition, the 
seats are not only richly crafted and sculpted but are also eye-catching thanks to the 
contrast stitching. The seat fabrics are also available in a fully sustainable recycled 
The new Frontera has an impressive load capacity, where with the back seats up, it 
offers over 460 litres of luggage space in the boot, while with the seats folded down, 
the capacity increases to up to 1,600 litres. The rear seats have a 60:40 split, while a 
second load floor comes as standard. Customers with the need can opt for roof rails, 
which will provide for a further load of over 200 kilogrammes. 
New customers will be able to choose between a purely battery electric variant and a 
48-volt hybrid. The engineers in Rüsselsheim paid close attention to optimising body 
control and delivering Opel typical driving characteristics - even when travelling at 
high speeds on the German Autobahn.