New Škoda Octavia RS iV Ready to March in Geneva

Published on 05th February 2020 at 15:48

Škoda have always been a confident brand, their models very capable, with little fear of being audacious if the mood takes them. Their first Octavia rolled onto our streets in the mid-nineties and impressed everyone with its space and grace, the influence of its new parent VW setting out its intent immediately – Škoda was going to be a player.

And so, it has come to pass. Not content with offering families big, reliable space for not too much money, Škoda sassed-up the Octavia in 2000 and gave us the VRS, transforming their four-door saloon into a very competent and entertaining mountain/twisty companion.

Since their absorption into the VW family, Škoda have always raised their game through the range, the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd the chosen venue where we will be introduced to the new Octavia RS iV, in both five-door coupe-style saloon and combi.

This 2020 Octavia RS iV will be powered by a plug-in hybrid, the same as will propel the Cupra Leon and the next VW Golf GTE. It will deliver a very healthy 242bhp and some 400Nm of torque from its 1.4-litre TSi petrol engine, aided by an electric motor powered by a 13kWh battery pack, which will give it an electric driving range of up to 55 km.

Much beefier in appearance, the Škoda RS iV stands on big alloys, has diffusers front and rear, black detailing, with neat spoilers on the saloon’s tailgate and the rear edge of the Combi’s roof, and is adorned by larger air intakes at the front, black grill, sportier bumpers, a rear spoiler and side skirts that complement its intent.

The Octavia RS has gathered a very strong and loyal fanbase across all the markets it is sold, particularly in Germany, the UK and Switzerland, with every fifth Octavia delivered to customers ended up being an RS model.