Published on 18th June 2024 at 10:52

The Beep Beep Partnership, together with other members of Irelands Motoring Media, got the chance 
to sample the new Fiat 6oo at its recent Irish launch. Laying quiet, if not dormant, for 
quite a while now, Fiat has now an integral part of Stellantis, where it will share and 
undoubtedly re-emerge, with the other thirteen brands within this carried family. 

Building on the cutsie attraction of its smaller sibling, the 500, Fiat hope to reignite 
their previous practice of supplying the public with urban and commuter cars that 
are user-friendly, efficient and fashionable. With this new 600, Fiat have adorned it 
with eyelids at the front, 600 badging in almost every free space and made it a very 
pleasant place to be. 
It drives well, without being Italian attitudinal and in full EV format, and is not as 
thumpy over road imperfections like many of its peers, and in Hybrid choice is 
smooth and quiet company. Those of us who grew up in the age of internal 
combustion will find it difficult to sample the same intimate driving conversation 
with those vehicles of electric push and pull. 
This new Fiat 600 is priced attractively and will suit the young family, the urban 
dweller and the commuter with little demand. Those choosing the 600e have a range 
in excess of 400kms to manage, while the Hybrid will allow for worry-free journeys. 
Some of the competition 
This new Fiat 600 arrives into the ultra-competitive Crossover B-segment - Sports 
Utility Vehicle, where it vies for your Euros against the Peugeot e-2008, Dacia Jogger 
Hybrid, Hyundai Kona Electric, Jeep Avenger and KIA Niro EV, Ford Puma and 
Toyota Yaris Cross, with prices starting at €28,995 for the 600 Hybrid and from 
€32,995 for the fully electric 600e. 

Fiat 600 - Facts & Figures 
Make: Fiat 
Model: 600 1.2 litre Hybrid & 600 e Battery Electric Vehicle. Format: 5-door, 5 - 
seat Crossover SUV. 
Propulsion & Power: 
 Hybrid - 1.2, 4-cylinder petrol, with 21kW electric motor and 1.2kW battery - 
100bhp, 205 Nm of torque 
 Electric: 54kW, 154bhp, 260Nm of torque 
Drive: Front wheel drive 
 Hybrid – 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic 
 600e – automatic, single-speed 

Co2 Rating 
Hybrid – 109gm/km – Annual Car Tax €180 
600e – zero emissions – Annual Car Tax €120 
Hybrid Fuel Capacity – 44 litres 
Height – 1523mm 
Width – 1981mm 
Length – 4171mm 
Wheelbase – 2562mm 
Weight 600e – 1595kgs – Hybrid – 1275kgs 
Boot space: 385 litres 
First Impressions 
Walking towards the new 600 there is no getting away from those eyes – those two 
eye-lidded headlights that exude a friendly, inoffensive demeanour, in keeping with 
this new Fiat offering’s sibling resemblance to the ever-youthful 500. 
A lap of honour around its just over four metres length and the inoffensive continues, 
the 600’s footprint posing no intimidation above that of a normal hatchback. It is 
certainly not humble, wearing its 600 logo on and in virtually every nook and cranny 
inside and out. 
Inside Story 
My test car came with ivory synthetic leather seat, the Fiat name stitched in 
turquoise, as was the reminder that I was about to seat myself inside the 600. Being 
on the northside of six feet tall, I optimised my driving position, the driver’s console 
and centre console falling easily to the eye, while the rear seat passenger space behind 
me would be a tight squeeze for some. 
Also featured on my car were velour floor mats, 40/60 rear seats, USB type A & type 
C + type C on the rear passenger row, a wireless charger for smartphone and keyless 
entry with proximity sensor. 
Safety and assistance systems include: 
 Level 2 assisted driving, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) 
 Stop&Go function 
 Electric Parking Brake 
 Autonomous Emergency Braking 
 Drowsy driver detection to monitor driver concentration levels. 
This 2024 Fiat 600 is also available with 
 Hands-free power liftgate 
 All powered windows 

 Auto air conditioning 
 Dusk and rain sensors 
 A 6-speaker sound system 
 10.25” fully customisable radio with Navi, CarPlay and Android Auto wireless, 
 7” digital cluster and connected services 

On the Road 
On a brief launch drive, the 600 Hybrid automatic took its place in urban city traffic 
and open road motorways, showing no deficiency in either domain. A more extensive 
drive would be required to ascertain fuel economy and long-distance comfort, but the 
initial impression was positive. 
It should be noted that the 48v Hybrid system operates via the integration of an 
electric motor within the gearbox, which is married to the 1.2 litre, four-cylinder 
engine. It is more enthusiastic than I expected, without being overly sporty. I can 
only hope that Italian fire and flair manifests itself in a future ‘hot’ variant. 
Customers choosing the 600e will find its persona an easy fit. It comes equipped with 
a 100-kW fast charger system and a 11kW On Board Charger, plus a Mode 3 cable for 
charging at home or in public, a full charge is attained in less than 6 hours. 
Drivers have the choice of three driving modes to suit their mood and driving style – eco, 
normal, sport. 
As a new arrival, the FIAT 600 wears a familiar, yet different face, and is very well 
equipped and performs well with the range of need and acceptance of its segment. 
Now part of a very technical and extended family, we can look forward to more in the near future.