New E-Class Mercedes shines bright

Published on 30th November 2023 at 13:03

The latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class, for over 75 years the mainstay of the Mercedes- 
Benz model range, has just glided into a Mercedes showroom near you. 
Models most likely to appeal to Irish motorists are E220d Saloon and E 200 Saloon, 
with prices starting from €80,525 and €82,130 respectively. PHEV production will 
begin in mid Q1 for customer orders and pricing will be released next month on both 
diesel and petrol plug-in hybrid engines prior to their launch. 
A car to aspire to, this new E-Class has to be brilliant, as the model it replaces is a 
hard act to follow. On first glance, this 2024 E-Class has certainly evolved, without 
losing any of its identity heritage and provides the new user with a mobile platform 
that can connect to the world. 
Already sitting in the Premium Segment, there are definite cues to elevate the E- 
Class into the realms of the Luxury Segment, aided by increased passenger comforts 
and an interior that oozes sophistication and sheer class. 
Saloons, with their engine compartment, passenger cabin and boot space, used to be 
the mainstay of every manufacturer, many now replaced permanently with the 
Crossover/SUV semi-high-rise. This latest E-Class brings that three-box design into 
the Irish car-park with confidence and aplomb, its outer design from the bonnet, grill 
and LED headlight marriage, bodyline and rear light, exhaust and boot treatment, 
identify it as a true Mercedes-Benz. It is worth noting the distinctive day and night 
design of the lighting system. 
This 2024 stands on a slightly longer wheelbase – are its increased interior 
headroom, greater rear leg and knee space, and a 25mm increase in elbow width, 
with luggage capacity also increased up to 540 litres. 
Attractive to younger owners ‘at home’ with technology, are its added tech and a 
more software-driven approach in which the performance and speed of data streams 
enables a greater use of ‘intelligent ‘functions. In practical terms, new E-Class owners 
can access an enhanced menu of driver assistance features, better communications, a 
superior music and entertainment package, and a more extensive use of third-party 
apps. An available feature is one that allows the driver to participate in online video 
The latest MBUX Superscreen, as we have experienced on the new EQS, allows for 
the management of information, communications, entertainment and guidance 
Using its ‘Just Talk’ function and ‘intelligent voice control’ drivers can call-up 
assistance without using the ‘Hey Mercedes’ keyword. A red microphone symbol on 
the display indicates that the vehicle is ready and waiting for commands. Additional 
enhancements available as options are AIRMATIC air suspension and rear-axle 

Three petrol versions are available in the E-Class menu, E200, E300e, E450 
4MATIC. Those choosing diesel can opt for one of three versions, an E220d, E300de 
or the E450d 4MATIC – two of which are equipped with fourth-generation plug-in 
mild hybrid electric power. A new battery increases electric motor power from 15 to 
17kW and boosts torque to 205 Nm.