Motor Industry Back to Business 18th May

Published on 18th May 2020 at 08:51

SIMI welcomes the Taoiseach’s announcement that the Government has decided to re-open car showrooms for sales, service and repair, from Monday the 18th of May. In preparation for re-opening, the Motor Industry will comply with protocols to protect the safety of customers and employees. SIMI has already issued guidelines to its members in this regard, as have the Vehicle Manufacturers to their franchise holders. This has included a significant level of investment in hand disinfectant, PPE equipment, signage, training, acrylic glass, specialist vehicle sanitising equipment as well as other procedures. 

Brian Cooke Director General SIMI commented “SIMI is pleased with the Government’s announcement that the sale and servicing of cars and commercial vehicles can re-commence from Monday next.This is a reflection of the professionalism of the Industry and commitment to health and safety of motor retailers. The size of dealerships relative to footfall lends itself to social distancing, while sanitisation  and other measures being put in place for both premises and vehicles should give customers reassurance. The Industry has already played an important role during the lockdown in supporting emergency and essential services, and the increased opening will allow members to contribute to their local economies in terms of business activity and supporting employment”.