Michelin’s new Primacy 4+ - a tyre for the many

Published on 21st February 2022 at 16:24

The premium fleet car market, that now includes Electric Vehicles, Compact Cars and Saloons, plus Compact and Medium-size SUVs, has now been given a new choice of footwear with Michelin’s introduction of their Primacy 4+, replacing the previous generation Primacy 4 launched in 2018.

This Michelin Primacy 4+ will be available in 82 dimensions from 16-19 inches diameter by March, reaching 121 dimensions from 16 to 21 inches diameter by the end of 2022.

Martin Thompson, Michelin’s Fleet Segment Manager UK & Ireland, commenting, said: “The new Michelin Primacy 4+ has been engineered to deliver exceptional safety and performance over a long life on the road. This brings genuine benefits to fleets through improved duty of care towards their drivers, and enhanced sustainability thanks to tyres which need replacing less frequently.”


The Primacy4+ performance includes Michelin’s EverGrip technology, which includes a self-rejuvenating tread that helps maintain braking performance on wet surfaces, with two layers of rubber helping to offset the loss of tread depth and thus continue to better evacuate water when worn.

The tyre also benefits from Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction to maximise the tyre’s contact with the road and evenly distribute the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering – delivering longer tread life without sacrificing performance.