Mercedes EQS - Where the S is silent

Published on 23rd May 2023 at 15:49

Last Word First 
Peter Roget had no idea in 1805, when he accumulated nouns and pronouns on all 
manner of life and living in his Thesaurus, that a company yet to exist would place an 
electrically-powered, motorised vehicle for public consumption, which would go 
some way to render his diligence as inadequate. 
Yep, such is the tech and talent of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, that descriptive words 
may fail dismally to capture what is on offer. As a physical, tactile statement of how 
far our human race has come technically, this new EQS should qualify new owners 
with a master’s degree if they fully understand its capabilities. 
Of course, it will judge it on its visuals, where the finest leather and advanced 
technologies marry with electrical propulsion to provide those within, with elegance 
and ambience worthy of the finest five-star hotel – it wears the term sumptuous with 
gracious ease. 
Distinctive looks, coupe design, powerful on road for a car over five metres long and 
close to two sand a half-tonnes, the EQS comes at a price point that will appeal only 
to those with the means. Definitely aimed at those who also have a lifestyle at the 
premium side, where their everyday contains their interaction with only the very 
best, the EQS 450+ will find happy homes and even happier passengers. 
Model: EQS 450+ 
Style: Luxury five-door, five-seat hatchback 
Propulsion: Full Electric – 
Drive: Rear-wheel drive – Rear-wheel steer 
Power output: 333bhp 
Torque: 565Nm 
Transmission: Automatic 
WLTP Range: 717 kms 
CO2: Zero/km 
Annual Road Tax: €120 
Road Tax Band; (7% VRT / Band 1) 
Boot space: 610 litres – 1770 litres with rear seats folded 
Length: 5212 mm 
Width: 1926 mm 
Height: 1512 mm 
Weight: 2480kgs unladen 
Introductory Price: €129, 965 
Test-car Price: €168,001 

First Impressions 
Over five metres long and just shy of two metres wide, this premium coupe takes up 
all its designated space in the carpark. My test car stood on aerodynamically 
optimised 21” alloys, its smooth curves belie its size, the solid front radiator grill 

proclaiming its parentage via the centrally-positioned large star. It looks potent, 
those large wheels with an apparent eagle-grip on the tarmac, even at a standstill. A 
flick of the key fob and the door handles emerge from their hiding place, backlit to 
provide their easy finding and adding to the EQS’s comfort menu. 

Inside story 
Opening the door and entering the Aladdin’s Cave that awaits all who duck under its 
coupe slopes, will overload the eyes of many, my car equipped with the MBUX 
Hyper-screen that stretches for A-pillar to A-pillar, the Macchiato Beige Nappa 
Leather enveloping you in its sumptuous luxury, your every blink unveiling a new 
place to stare. 
Getting a good driving position via the power seat and steering is a doddle and so 
important for those long journeys and to visually access the vast swathe of 
information made available. I’m a big fan of Head-up Display, (HUD), and like the 
relevant information on current speed, post speed limit and Sat Nave information, all 
in my eye-line very beneficial. 
There is no substitute and huge incentive to acquaint yourself with all the comfort, 
safety and entertainment systems on offer in the EQS, the steering wheel controls 
providing vital and easy access that’s worth mastering. 
Now, the Hyperscreen – all 141cms of it that incorporates three screens instead of the 
normal two, is a technical talking point that could easily result in a master’s degree. 
Requiring an additional €12,213, access to your EQS’s myriad of information, to 
avoid on-road distraction, is best done through voice command and simply saying, 
‘Hey Mercedes’ and asking for whatever your heart desires, within reason! 
As a place to spend time, the internal room, furnishings and finish of the EQS is 
nothing short of decadent, a place of sumptuous guilt. There are plenty of stowage 
cubbies front and rear, with boot space an accommodating 610 litres, enlarging to 
1,770 litres with the rear seats folded. 
On the Road 
Given where and to whom this luxury coupe is aimed, it would be somewhat 
disrespectful and irrelevant to go charging up mountain passes in the EQS’s 2.4 
tonne ensemble. That said, its 333bhp and 565Nm of torque allows it to be boogied 
along with serious intent, in almost virtual silence. Steering feel is not overly 
informative, but plan well, settle it on the brakes before you attack your favourite 
corner and it behaves without complaint. Remembering that we cannot defy physics 
is proven in the EQS, a little respect and understanding results in a serene 
experience, my only issue was ducking my head to enter under its sloped roofline – 
my frame being over six-feet in elevation. 
With a range of 780km on a full charge, the dreaded aspect of range anxiety should 
not dominate the use and enjoyment of the EQS, with the most heavy-footed driver 
ensured of some 600km between searching for the nearest charge station. Charging 

time from ten percent to eighty percent is 31 minutes of a fast DC charger, with those 
using an AC charger requiring close to twelve hours to see 100% on the gauge. A 
fifteen-minute quick charge on a fast charge will add 300km to your journey-bank. 
As might be assumed, there is an extensive umbrella of safety systems sheltering 
every movement of the EQS, their covert presence only announcing themselves via a 
flash on the dash. Here again, some time spent familiarising yourself on the EQS 
menu is well worth the investment, as some of these systems, outlined below, will 
intrude on your drive without seeking permission 
Some of the EQS Safety Systems 
Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC 
On all types of roads – motorways, country roads or in town – this intelligent system 
can automatically maintain a pre-set distance from vehicles ahead. Special features 
are the 
 Predictive speed regulation ahead of speed limits 
 Reaction at a driving speed of up to 100 km/h to stationary vehicles on the 
 Selection of DISTRONIC dynamics in MBUX, independently of DYNAMIC 
 Adjustment of set speed and acceleration for maximum range 
 With the navigation with Electric Intelligence (see separate chapter), the 
charging status at the destination or also at the intermediate charging point 
can be specified if desired when route guidance is activated. Active Distance 
Assist DISTRONIC then adjusts the acceleration behaviour and, if necessary, 
the cruising speed to meet this specification. 
 Also new is the adjustment of the set speed at rest areas to 50 km/h. 
Active Steering Assist 
This helps the driver to stay in lane at speeds up to 210 km/h. Special features are 
 Lane detection at low speeds additionally with 360° camera 
 Significantly improved availability and performance on bends on country 
 Improved lane centring on motorways 
 Situation-specific off-centred driving (e.g., forming an emergency corridor, 
but also following the road edge on country roads with no centre marking) 

Traffic Sign Assist 
In addition to conventionally signposted speed limits, this recognises overhead 
gantries and signs at roadworks. This includes warnings about running a stop sign 
and a red light. 
Active Lane Keeping Assist 
In a speed range of 60 to 210 km/h, Active Lane Keeping Assist uses a camera to 
detect when road markings or road edges are crossed, helping the driver to avoid 

leaving the driving lane unintentionally. The system also intervenes if there is a 
danger of collision with detected road users in the adjacent lane, e.g., with 
overtaking or oncoming vehicles. Special features are 
 The reaction to detected lane edges, e.g., a grass shoulder 
 Particularly intuitive steering intervention 
 Adjustment of sensitivity via a menu (early, medium, late) 
 The addition of Active Ambient Lighting, DIGITAL LIGHT and the 
Augmented Reality Head-up Display to the hazard warning system 
Active Lane Change Assist 
Active Lane Change Assist cooperatively assists the driver of the EQS when changing 
to an adjacent lane. A lane change to the right or left is only assisted if the sensors 
detect that the adjacent lane is separated from the present lane by interrupted lane 
markings, and no other vehicles are recognised in the relevant danger zone. In 
conjunction with DIGITAL LIGHT, an intuitive lighting scenario is also created at 
Active Emergency Stop Assist 
Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a standstill in its own lane if it 
recognises that the driver is no longer responding to the traffic situation for a longer 
period. As part of the standard Active Lane Keeping Assist, this works even if Active 
Distance Assist DISTRONIC with Steering Assist is not switched on. Other features: 
 Belt tensioning and braking impulse as a final signal of impending braking 
 Optional single lane change (at 80 km/h, no obstacles in adjacent lane) 
This system included as standard is able to recognise typical signs of drowsiness and 
driver inattention, and displays a warning message prompting them to take a break. 
The additional micro-sleep warning is a new feature. It analyses the driver's eyelid 
movements through a camera on the driver's display (only in conjunction with 
MBUX Hyperscreen). The micro-sleep warning function is already active from a 
speed of 20 km/h.