Published on 29th September 2023 at 14:17

The latest Mercedes-Benz GLE has just arrived, the 2024 off-spring of the original 
premium Sports Utility Vehicle, the M-Class of 1997. The GLE debuted in 2015, the 
model prior to this 2024 upgrade taking to Irish tarmac in 2018. For those who like 
sloping lines, a new GLE Coupe is something to look forward to in the near future 
This new GLE is electrified, coming with the choice that includes mild hybrid diesel 
models, with 48-volt system and Integrated Starter Generator, as well as fourth- 
generation plug-in hybrids – with all-wheel drive 4MATIC standard across the range 
and with muscle to tow loads up to 3.5 tonnes. 
Exterior changes on the new 2024 GLE include new front bumper detailing with a 
revised front spoiler and expressively-shaped side air intakes formed in a jet-wing 
design. New LED daytime running lights and revised LED rear lights give the GLE a 
distinctly more modern appearance. On GLE Coupé models, AMG Line exterior is 
standard. Fresh upholstery colours, trim parts and two new body colours have been 
introduced – an Alpine Grey and Sodalite Blue Metallic. 
As part of the model update, the range of standard equipment has been extensively 
upgraded – with 19-inch light-alloys replacing the previous 18-inch versions. A 
touch-button, fully-electric, retractable ball hitch for towing comes equipped with 
bolts for fixing a cycle rack. 
Inside, features have become more digital and intelligent, as in the case of the latest 
generation MBUX infotainment system which is now capable of ‘learning’ thanks to 
enhancements in hardware and software.  
Features of interest include a greater use of touchscreen and voice-activated controls. 
The ‘Hey Mercedes’ function has become more interactive with a capacity to ‘learn’ 
content. Occupants have the ability to ‘trigger’ certain actions even without the 
activation keywords "Hey Mercedes”. 
The range is comprised of three mild hybrid models: GLE 450 (2999cc), GLE 300 d 
(1993cc) and GLE 450 d (2989cc) and two plug-in hybrids: GLE 400 e (1999cc) and 
GLE 350 de (1993cc) with AMG 53 and 63 S versions also included in the mix.  
The sales focus in Ireland will likely fall on the GLE 350 de 4MATIC which boasts 
103 km of electric driving range also under WLTP. The range comes on the market 
here at €105,900. 
On the ‘driver assistance’ front, improved functions have been added to the 
previously extensive package supported by a number of optional equipment lines the 
most significant of which is an Off-Road Package that includes an underride guard. 
When used in combination with air suspension, ground clearance can be increased 
by an extra 30mm.  
When driving off-road, a ‘transparent bonnet’ links with the MBUX system to inform 
the driver of underbody conditions and hazards. Another helpful option is a Trailer 
Manoeuvring Assist package helpful when towing.