Life – in the palm of your hand One-use lightweight defibrillator is a lifesaver

Published on 05th December 2023 at 20:41

What gift can I get for the person who has everything? At Christmas and on other 
occasions throughout the year, it’s a question that will arise in the minds of many.  
One possible answer is the arrival here of a new lightweight ‘automatic external 
Small enough to rest in the palm of a hand and portable enough to be carried in a 
briefcase, luggage or pocket, the new Australian-made device is one that could have 
an appeal for those ‘Good Samaritans’ who like to travel well equipped for any 
eventuality that might arise. 
In the case of motorists and their loved-ones – and those countless numbers of van 
drivers and long-distance hauliers accustomed to travelling far from home – the 
thought of having a life-saving device packed away in their glovebox could be an 
extra special comfort indeed. 
Well aware of how vital a rapid response can be in instances of sudden cardiac 
arrest; Wicklow Fire Service has become the first in Ireland to equip its crews with 
the new unts.  
Being supplied to all stations within the county, their purpose is to give firefighters 
back-up advantage when assisting a casualty in remote and challenging 
circumstances where split-second attention is required, and in circumstances where 
medical care or a conventional defibrillator are not immediately to-hand.  
New to Ireland, the single use units – which can be used on adults and children as 
directed – are being marketed under the brand name ‘CellAED’ by medical supplies 
specialists, Hibernian Healthcare at a retail price of €370. 
Whether as a gift to a loved-one – or as a ‘socially-responsible’ addition to the first 
aid kit fitted to a van or truck – the idea is one that might prove to be a Christmas, 
anniversary or birthday life-saver in more ways than one. 
Photo caption (image 2): Wicklow Fire Service members, Station Officer, Ross Lally 
(left) and Assistant Chief Officer Ryan Lally holding the new lightweight hand-size 
defibrillators that are being supplied to all fire units throughout County Wicklow