Kia Ireland Announce Sustainability Partnership with Clean Coasts.

Published on 27th October 2023 at 14:36

Kia Ireland have announced a sustainability partnership with Clean Coasts to 
promote circular economy initiatives during Circular Week . 
Clean Coasts, an initiative led by An Taisce, is a network of passionate volunteers 
committed to the protection of Ireland's beaches, seas, and marine life. Through 
volunteer-led initiatives and educational campaigns, Clean Coasts aims to inspire 
positive change in coastal and marine environments.  
The announcement comes during Circular Week, an international series of events 
and initiatives promoting the circular economy and sustainability, from October 
23rd to October 27th. 
Kia have made a resolute commitment to sustainability, placing it at the core of 
their business strategy with a long-term goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2045. As 
part of this initiative, Kia is dedicated to using recycled materials in vehicle 
production, including recycled ocean waste. Notably, Kia is a global supporter of 
The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and 
scaling technologies to combat plastic pollution in the world's oceans. 
In a recent milestone, The Ocean Cleanup successfully retrieved 55 tons of plastic 
from the Pacific Ocean in a single operation. This plastic was then recycled and 
upcycled for use in the production of the fully electric New Kia EV9.  
This partnership underscores Clean Coasts' dedication to fostering sustainable 
practices and engaging communities in coastal and marine conservation. Going 
forward, this collaboration will bolster the efforts of Clean Coasts volunteers as 
they continue to clean and protect Ireland's coastal environments. It will support 
beach cleanup initiatives and explore innovative ways to transform collected 
waste into new resources, aligning with Clean Coasts' vision for a cleaner, more 
sustainable coastline.  
The alarming statistic that 88% of marine life faces a threat to existence due to 

ocean plastic underscores the urgent need to address this environmental 
challenge. Clean Coasts, An Taisce, and Kia are determined to be part of the 
Cathal Kealey, Head of Marketing & PR at Kia Ireland, speaking about the 
partnership,  commented; “By 2030 Kia will have 20% of all vehicle plastics 
coming from recycled materials. Our EV9 which will launch in Ireland in the 
coming weeks uses ten sustainable items in vehicle production, that have either 
originated from recycled plastic, or have been sourced from plant-based 
materials. Going forward, these materials will be used in all future Kia models 
also. We are delighted to support Clean Coasts and to assist them in finding ways 
to reuse collected beach waste in line with our circular economy initiatives.”  

Sinead McCoy, Coastal Communities Manager for Clean Coasts further commented; 
‘During Circular Week, Clean Coasts programme welcome the support of electric 
vehicle manufacturer Kia, who’s support will allow us to continue to safeguard 
Ireland's coastlines and empower our dedicated volunteers, enabling them to make a 
tangible impact in the fight against ocean pollution. Together, we harness our 
collective strength to protect our precious marine environments.’  Through this 
partnership, Clean Coasts aims to empower its volunteers with additional resources 
and tools to enhance their impact, ultimately contributing to the protection of 
Ireland's stunning coastlines and the reduction of plastic waste.  
Designed to empower and support the tireless efforts of Clean Coasts volunteers, An 
Taisce’s Clean Coasts programme, and Kia are thrilled to announce a collaboration 
that aims to protect Ireland's stunning coastlines and promote sustainability during 
Circular Week. The main aims of this initiative are to promote the idea of the circular 
economy, support sustainable business models, educate people about circular 
economy principles and show the advantages of closing the loop. The positive impact 
of sustainable consumption and production on the environment, biodiversity, and 
climate change is at the forefront of Circular Week's mission. A short partnership 
video on this topic can also be viewed -