Important Update to SIMI Release: Motor Industry Low Risk High Value For Re-Opening

Published on 03rd March 2021 at 08:24

New car registrations for February were up 5.30% (13,834) when compared to February 2020 (13,138). Registrations year to date are down 11% (38,986) on the same period last year (43,788).

Light Commercials vehicles (LCV) are up 51.30% (3,315) compared to February last year (2,191) and year to date are up 6.39% (8,339). HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) registrations are down 15.8% (224) in comparison to February 2020 (266). Year to date HGV's are down 9.5% (563).

Used car imports for February (5,757) have seen a decrease of 7.04% on February 2020 (6,193). Year to date imports are down 1.84% (12,579) on 2020 (12,815).

New electric car registrations increased for the month of February with 813 registered compared to 390 on the same month last year. While so far this year 1,791 new electric cars were registered in comparison to 1,281 on the same period last year an increase of 39.81%. Both Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid continue to increase their market share.

Brian Cooke, SIMI Director General commenting:
“While new car sales were slightly up when compared to February last year, they are down 11% year to date and down 18% on 2019. Strong pre-orders at the end of last year along with the ability to offer a click and deliver service have helped the Industry, as has the reduced VAT rate during the first two months of the year, which has brought some March sales forward. Looking ahead to March, with most year-end pre-orders having been fulfilled, the increased VAT rate and with the absence of car hire, it is anticipated that the month ahead will be a challenging one for the Industry. From a health and safety perspective, the Industry has proven during the duration of the pandemic that showrooms can operate in a safe environment for their employees and customers. The large size of dealerships, the low average footfall, the ability to do business on a strict appointment only basis and the option of displaying cars outside lends itself to social distancing and safe retailing. Car sales are very low risk, but offer a high return to the State in terms of employment and Revenue. In this context SIMI members are ready to open showrooms for business safely, but if this is not possible a move to click and collect would help the sector in the interim.”

2021 Total New Vehicle Stats

  • New Car sales total year to date (2021) 38,986 v (2020) 43,788 -11%
  • New Car sales total February (2021) 13,834 v (2020) 13,138 +5.30%
  • Light Commercial Vehicles sales year to date (2021) 8,339 v (2020) 7,838 +6.39%
  • Light Commercial Vehicles sales total February (2021) 3,315 v (2020) 2,191 +51.30%
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales year to date (2021) 563 v (2020) 622 -9.49%
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales February (2021) 224 v (2020) 266 -15.79%
  • Used Car Imports total year to date (2021) 12,579 v (2020) 12,815 -1.84%
  • Used Car Imports total February (2021) 5,757 v (2020) 6,193 -7.04%
  • New Electric Vehicles sales total year to date (2021) 1,791 v (2020) 1,281 +39.81%
  • New Electric Vehicles sales February (2021) 813 v (2020) 390 +108.46%
  • 5 Top Selling Car Brands February 2021 were: 1. Toyota 2. Hyundai 3. Volkswagen 4. Skoda 5. Ford
  • 5 Top car model’s year February 2021 were 1. Hyundai Tucson 2.Toyota Corolla 3.Toyota Rav 4.Toyota Yaris 5. Ford Focus
  • Top Selling Car February 2021: Hyundai Tucson
  • Market share by engine type 2021: Diesel 36.32%, Petrol 33.6%, Electric 4.59%, Plug-In Hybrid 4.88% and Hybrid 18.14%
  • Table below shows new car registrations by county for February 2021. Click Here to download also.
Car Registrations by County January- February 2021
County2021 Units2020 Units% Change2021 % Share2020 % Share

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