Honda’s new ZR-V enters the C-segment

Published on 19th May 2023 at 17:22

Honda’s new ZR-V enters the C-segment 
Honda has revealed its all-new C-segment SUV, the ZR-V, which will be available 
from Autumn-2023, lining up between HR-V and CR-V and is aimed at young, image 
conscious buyers who seek a stylish, powerful, and fun to drive vehicle. 
The ZR-V full hybrid technology shares DNA with the all-new Civic e:HEV. The ZR- 
V is powered by Honda’s e:HEV combination, a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder direct 
injection Atkinson cycle engine working in conjunction with two motors to provide 
punchy, responsive acceleration. 
The bespoke, lightweight, rigid chassis has been inspired by concepts seen in both 
the Civic and CR-V platforms and has been engineered to deliver good driving 
characteristics and high levels of agility. The steering is engineered to be effortless 
yet rewarding thanks to a refined feedback control logic and low-friction 
components, whilst the multi-link rear suspension and optimized bushes seek to 
ensure a comfortable yet engaging drive that boosts confidence and comfort behind 
the wheel. 
With its purposeful stance, noiseless surfaces and a bold front face, the ZR-V 
promises a strong road presence. The slimline headlights and stylish gloss black 
grille create a sophisticated aesthetic, which is continued down the SUV’s noiseless 
flanks and into the bold rear bumper design, with sleek horizontal taillights that 
neatly integrate into the tailgate. Functionality in design was a key focus for Honda 
engineers, with each panel and component optimised to aid visibility and enhance 
aerodynamic performance. 
The ZR-V’s compact package is designed to provide space, practicality, and comfort, 
delivering optimal functionality for ease of use and creating a versatile cabin that 
prioritises usability and flexible stowage capacity. There is a vast array of trays and 
pockets, alongside a rear cargo space that features a load partition, retractable parcel 
cover and under floor storage, boosting the ZR-V’s load-carrying versatility up to 
1,291 litres. 
The ZR-V carries impressive levels of comfort and convenience, with high-quality 
soft-touch materials with detailed finishing combine with stylish lighting throughout 
the cabin to create a premium ambience. Multiple charge points and the latest HMI 
technology keep the driver and passengers connected to the outside world via a large 
nine-inch touchscreen in the Centre of the upper dash panel, which stretches across 
the front of the cabin to enhance the sense of lateral space. 

Yutaka Kato, ZR-V Large Project Leader, commenting at the debut of the new ZR-V, 
said, “The all-new Honda ZR-V has been designed and engineered to support busy, 
active lifestyles, and is a compelling addition to our SUV line-up. Combining day-to- 
day functionality, exceptional comfort levels and appealing design with sporty 
dynamics and our exceptional e:HEV hybrid powertrain, this is the perfect evolution 
of our European model range.”