Gowan Group Acquire Opel Business in Ireland

Published on 05th July 2019 at 10:01

The Gowan Group has acquired the Opel business in Ireland, which will mean Opel running its business in Ireland through the Gowan Group as the local independent import partner, a corresponding contract having been signed. Current Opel employees will remain employees of Opel Automobile Ireland Ltd. at the date of the completion of the transaction.

This transaction (and the launch of the new business model) is subject to the official antitrust approval of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission in Ireland.

Xavier Duchemin, Opel/Vauxhall Managing Director Sales, Aftersales and Marketing commented, “This is another decision in line with the goals of our PACE! strategic plan which will make our sales set-up in certain European countries more agile, efficient and therefore competitive. We are confident that our brand will perform even better in Ireland with this new set-up.”  

The Gowan Group is a family-owned holding company controlling many successful trading companies. Founded in 1969 by the late Con Smith, the Group is most closely associated with motor distribution in Ireland, importing for example Peugeot vehicles since 1969.

Michael Dwan, CEO, Gowan Group said, “We are delighted to become Opel’s import partner in Ireland. We have an in-depth understanding of the Irish motor market and an acute appreciation of the Opel brand. Opel will fully realise its potential in the Irish market in the years ahead.”

Opel sold over 5,800 vehicles in Ireland in 2018 achieving a market share of 3.8%.