Ford Puma ST Powershift – small

Published on 17th May 2023 at 14:09

Ford Puma ST Powershift – small 

Ford Performance voodoo folk have been really busy of late, their brand of motor- 
magic applied to the new Ford Puma Powershift and its 3-cylinder, EcoBoost 48-volt 
Mild-Hybrid, 1.0 litre turbo-petrol engine. This mighty little engine can deliver a very 
energetic 170bhp and 248Nm of torque, all transferred to the drive wheels via Ford’s 
Powershift, dual-clutch, 7-speed, transmission, with paddle-shift. Ford’s fuel 
economy figures for the Puma ST Powershift is 6.3 l/100 km fuel efficiency and a CO 2 
figure of 144 g/km. 
First Impressions 
The Puma has won many hearts with is comfort, practical interior space and on-road 
driveability. Looks wise, at the front, the Ford Performance-embossed splitter, which 
is integrated into the front bumper states the Puma ST Powershift’s sports 
credentials, increasing front end downforce by almost 80 per cent versus the 
standard Puma. A large rear roof spoiler and distinctive rear diffuser also feature, 
while signature ST upper and lower front grilles are designed to maximise engine 
cooling capability and efficiency. 
Puma ST Powershift introduces a new ST-exclusive Azura Blue signature colour 
among six exterior paint options. Complemented by an available gloss black finish 
for the roof and standard black grille surrounds, side spears, door mirror caps and 
rear roof spoiler, the SUV also offers a Magnetite finish on the standard 19-inch alloy 

Inside Story 
The Puma Powershift’s interior includes; 
 Ford Performance-developed sports seats finished in premium Sensico 
synthetic leather-effect material 
 Wireless charging pad 
 Quickclear heated windscreen 
 Front and rear parking sensors 
 Rain-sensing wipers 
 FordPass Connect modem,  
 Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, compatible with 
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  

Available driver assistance technologies include ; 
 Pre-Collision Assist with Active Braking 
 Active Park Assist 
 Cross Traffic Alert with Active Braking 
 Intelligent Speed Limiter 

ST Performance, mild hybrid assistance 
The 48-volt mild hybrid system engages energy recovery more quickly than in other 
applications for faster recharging of the 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack. This 
enables the belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) to offer a longer boost 
period of torque supplementation for enhanced performance at lower engine rpm. In 
addition, the increased energy recuperation allows a further 10PS of electric assist 
from the BISG to boost peak power. 
Puma ST Powershift benefits from the same active exhaust valve technology as Puma 
ST for increased performance and a distinctive ST engine note under acceleration. 
Controlled by the selectable Drive Modes, the active exhaust valve remains closed in 
Normal and Eco modes for everyday refinement, but opens in Sport mode to 
intensify the sporty sound. 
More often a forgotten feature in many automatics, I am a big fan of paddle-shift, 
where I can manually override the auto selection process and relish the actual driving 
of a car. With a lot of my driving conducted in the built-up roads and arteries of our 
capital, the automatic transmission removes the need for me to emulate someone 
from Riverdance on every journey. 
The dual-clutch system is ideal in providing convenient, smooth gear selection and 
when allied to the extra torque of Hybrid enhancement, it is an easy companion. 
Once away from the stop/start and into the twisties, a double or treble flick of the left 
paddle will provide access to the turbo-engines potential and the spirit of the Puma 
ST Powershift can be sampled. Those with the need can opt for Sport Drive Mode, 
which holds lower gears for longer, for sportier responses. 
Another feature of the Powershift automatic is where the Stop & Go functionality 
works with Adaptive Cruise Control. This can bring the Puma to a complete halt in 
stop-start traffic and automatically pull away if the stopping duration is less than 
three seconds, or resume after three seconds with the touch of a button or the 
accelerator. The transmission also enables a Remote Start function via the FordPass 

ST chassis 
For those with a tekkie interest, the Puma ST Powershift shares its chassis with the 
Puma ST, using a rear suspension twist-beam rated at 2,000 Nm/deg torsional 
stiffness – an increase of more than 50 per cent compared to the standard Puma – 
with a 28 mm anti-roll bar integrated into the Usection and a 24 mm front anti-roll 
Ford’s patented force vectoring springs also improve the Puma ST Powershift’s 
stability, agility and responsiveness. The non-uniform, non-interchangeable, 
directionally-wound springs apply vectoring forces to the rear suspension and enable 
cornering forces to travel directly into the spring, for increased lateral stiffness. 

Springs, Steering and Brakes 
This advanced spring technology is combined with Hitachi twin-tube frequency- 
reactive dampers at the front and rear, delivering the stiffness needed for enhanced 
body control alongside the compliance to isolate smaller road imperfections for high- 
speed refinement. 
At a ratio of 11.4:1 the steering is almost 25 per cent faster than the standard Puma, 
using a combination of ST-specification front knuckles, steering arm and steering 
rack gearing, for heightened response during turn-in compared to the standard 
Puma, further supported by Torque Vectoring Control. 
Braking performance is provided by 325 mm front discs – 17 per cent larger in 
diameter than the standard Puma specification. Puma ST Powershift’s brake booster 
is tuned for modulation, feel and feedback that supports performance driving, and 
the powertrain’s optimised energy recuperation also supports increased engine.