Dermot puts the grin into Glin

Published on 23rd November 2023 at 21:21

Adams of Glin has announced Dermot Whelan as a brand ambassador. With his 
strong links to Limerick and his high profile, Dermot is a perfect match for the 
Dealership and the Peugeot brand in the county.  
A renowned figure in the Irish media and entertainment industry, Dermot is known 
for his captivating presence on both radio and television and more recently as a 
meditation practitioner and author of the best-selling book, Mind Full.  With a career 
spanning over two decades, Dermot has charmed his audience with his warm 
personality, humour, and engaging style. His talents and influence extend far beyond 
the airwaves, making him the ideal choice to represent Adams of Glin and the 
Peugeot brand. 
As a brand ambassador for Adams of Glin, Dermot Whelan will play a pivotal role in 
enhancing the brand’s visibility and fostering a deeper connection with Adams of 
Glin’s loyal customers. His genuine passion for Peugeot vehicles and commitment to 
delivering excellence align perfectly with the values upheld at Adams of Glin. 
Dealer Principal, Shane Adams, expressed his excitement about the partnership, 
saying, "We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Dermot Whelan to the Adams of Glin 
family. Dermot's charisma and passion are perfectly in tune with our commitment to 
providing the best Peugeot vehicles and services in Limerick. With his connection to 
the county, we are confident that his involvement will further enhance our customer 
experience and our standing as the premier Peugeot dealer in the region." 
Dermot Whelan shared his enthusiasm about this new partnership, saying, "I'm 
thrilled to be a part of the Adams of Glin family and to represent the Peugeot brand.  
As a proud Limerick Man, it is great to be associated with a Dealership in my beloved 
county. I've always been a fan of Peugeot cars for their style, innovation, and quality. 
I look forward to sharing my experiences with these exceptional vehicles and the 
fantastic services Adams of Glin provides to the people of Limerick and beyond." 
The collaboration with Dermot Whelan reinforces Adams of Glin’s commitment to 
providing top-quality Peugeot vehicles, exceptional customer service, and unmatched 
expertise to the residents of County Limerick. Adams of Glin takes pride in its 
reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. 
About Adams of Glin: 
Adams of Glin are a Main Peugeot Dealer based in Glin, County Limerick. They have 
been serving the motor industry for over 75 years and have been a Peugeot Dealer for 
over 50 years.  They offer the full range of Peugeot vehicles and exceptional service to 
their valued customers. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer 
satisfaction, Adams of Glin are dedicated to providing the best automotive 
experience to their customers. 
Photograph from Left to Right: Dermot Whelan, Shane Adams (Dealer Principal at 
Adams of Glin).