3rd February 2017

Reviews: VW Tiguan R-Line Test Report – Better than better – Bordering on Brilliant

Last Word First

Tested here in its R-Line format, the new VW Tiguan demands just short of 40k to share its company. That is the only negative aspect attached to this new combatant in a segment containing some serious gladiators. This was an immediate tactile surprise for me, from the leather steering to the seat position, to the road feel and the gear change, I loved my time in the Tiguan.

With a definite swing away from family saloon to the Sports Utility Vehicle format, the VW Tiguan R-line will surely capture hearts and driveways. It unquestionably has a premium aura about it, which together with its internal layout and road manners, make it a car I would heartily recommend it to not just a friend – I would recommend this to me!! Loved it.

Make: Volkswagen, Model: Tiguan, Format: Five-door SUV, Trim levels: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and R-Line, Seating: 5, Engine: Power: 150bhp, Torque: 340Nm, Transmission: 6-speed manual, Tax Band: B1, Annual Road Tax: €270, Boot Space: 520 litres, expanding to 1,655 litres, Prices; From €29,860 - €39,280.

Some of the competition: Hyundai Tucson, Ford Kuga, KIA Sportage, Nissan Qashqai, Toyota RAV4, SEAT Ateca, Honda CR-V, BMW X1, Audi Q2 and Mercedes GLA.

Outside View

Being a mid-sized SUV, the Tiguan is as expected squarish in profile, standing a tad taller than say a Jetta, and in R-line trim standing on 19” rims, with chrome inserts tastefully catching your eye. As can be expected from VW, the fit and finish are without complaint.

Inside Story

Akin to other members of the VW family, the Tiguan is fitted out with all manner of safety and comfort systems. Here again, the overall fit and finish are excellent, the ambience one of premium, the airy, bright cabin one of the benefits of that squarish profile.

Road Work

This is where the Tiguan surprised me from the off. If there is such a thing as great teamwork, then the manner in which the Tiguan combines the driving position, gear and clutch feel, immediate road feel, steering weight, all combined to that willing 2-litre, 150bhp diesel, elevate it to a driving standard not expected in this segment.

There is solidity to the Tiguan in how it absorbs and dismisses road irregularities. There is little road noise intrusion into the cabin and the overall feel through the seat and steering is very reassuring, again unusual in such a ‘functional’ design.

I used the Tiguan R-Line many times through our capital’s city streets, and on a number of ‘down the country’ safari’s. In all environs it was a pleasure to drive, my occupants chatting away unperturbed by my enthusiastic dismissal of tarmac, a credit to the Tiguan’s togetherness. Over my 750-kilometre journeys in the Tiguan R-line, its trip computer displayed an average fuel consumption of 4.9 lires/100km.

The rise in popularity of this high-rise format is clearly experienced with the Tiguan R-Line. It loses nothing in terms of comfort and driveability. I fact I would say that the Tiguan R-line is one of the best driving VW’s produced in recent years. As for living with it – Easy.  

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Tony Toner -Motoring Correspondent for BeepBeep.ie

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