4th April 2017

Newreview: VW Crafter - ready to haul small, large and tall

Volkswagen's new Crafter stands independent and proud, its origins now a purpose built factory in Wrzesnia, Poland, its street face undeniably VW and its intent searingly focused on being the panel van of choice for anyone seeking to haul loads up to 5.5 tonnes. Having already been awarded the International Van of the Year 2017 by a jury from 24 countries, the new Crafter is set to win Irish hearts and is available from €23,157 ex. VAT.   

The Crafter comes with a wide range of derivatives, even in high tonnage versions, its new EU6, 2.0-litre TDI engine available in four output classes, 102, 122, 140bhp and the BiTurbo TDI engine with 177 bhp. Torque figures are 300, 300, 340 and 410Nm. Engine choice depends on the drive system selected, with customers having the pick of front, rear and all-wheel drive (4MOTION), plus the added pick of either an automatic or manual gearbox. 

Three different vehicle lengths are also on the menu, their interiors measuring 3,450, 4,300 and 4,855 respectively, medium, long and long plus, with the closed body variants coming with up to three different roof heights, 1,726mm for the Normal roof medium wheelbase. The High roof, medium offering 2,590mm, the High roof long wheelbase giving 1,961mm of internal height, with the Super High Roof, Long Plus wheelbase providing 2,196mm of internal elevation.

The Crafter Combi comes with two to nine seats and loads of luggage space. The Delivery van can carry from four to six Euro pallets, whilst the new Crafter Dropside can be optimised from a three-seat single-cab to a double-cab 7-seater, with platform lengths from 2,700mm to 4,700mm.  

The new Crafter also comes with assistance systems we are now used to in the passenger car world. It also gets electro-mechanical steering system, ESP with trailer stabilisation, ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, the post-collision braking system, a sidewind compensation system, the trailer manoeuvring assistant system among its offerings. Passive safety is well looked after with the fitment of front, side and head airbags for the driver and passengers, a range of warning systems including a reversing camera, a parking distance monitor and the Rear Traffic Alert system. There are also LED headlights, cornering lights and Light Assist, which automatically dips the headlights when meeting opposing vehicles. 

On the Road

Even a short introductory drive in the Crafter at its Irish launch, was enough to convince me of its talents. Quiet, great seats, and a driving position that is faultless, the Crafter brings all of VW's road craft into the commercial world, which will unquestionably delight drivers, sitting into a cabin that could have come from any of its passenger vehicles, there is nothing to complain about once the driving position is selected and if the rear is cavernous, then the amount of cubbies and thoughtful stowage will cause many to bring a sniffer dog to locate all their stash - brilliant. I plan a Dublin to Donegal trip in the next few months with the Crafter and must say on my initial introduction, I am looking forward to chasing the horizon in it. 

This new Crafter is a must drive for anyone seeking a load lugging panel van or one of its derivatives. Van man never had it so good.  

Alan Bateson, Managing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Ireland commented: “This is a really exciting time for everyone at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as we set out to launch our Crafter which we are delighted is 100% New and 100% Volkswagen. With a starting price of €23,157 excl. VAT and our best in market finance packages which include Irelands only Commercial Vehicle PCP we are planning big things in terms of new Crafter. Order intake already has been well ahead of target and we believe this will improve further once Irish Customers experience the stand out vehicle in this segment, the all New Crafter.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle dealers nationwide will commence deliveries of the all-new Crafter from April 6th and will be having a special open week from 24th – 29th April to showcase the all-new Crafter.  Customers are invited to call into their local dealer for breakfast and a test drive. 



VW Crafter MWB Pricing


Model                                                     CO2       VAT        VRT        RRP (Incl VAT)         ROTR (Ex. VAT)          ROTR (Incl. VAT)

CRAFTER 30 MWB 102HP M6F HR             193      €5,273      €200          €28,400                      €23,757                     €29,175

CRAFTER 30 MWB 140HP M6F HR             193      €5,636      €200          €30,340                      €25,334                     €31,115

CRAFTER 30 MWB 177HP M6F HR             196      €5,988      €200          €32,225                      €26,867                     €33,000

CRAFTER 30 MWB 177HP D8F HR             TBC      €6,404     €200          €34,445                       €28,672                     €35,220

CRAFTER 30 MWB 177HP M6A HR            TBC      €6,729      €200          €36,185                      €30,086                      €36,960

CRAFTER 35 MWB 102HP M6F HR             193      €5,861      €200         €31,545                       €26,314                     €32,320

CRAFTER 35 MWB 140HP M6F HR             193      €6,222      €200         €33,475                       €27,883                     €34,250

CRAFTER 35 MWB 177HP M6F HR             196      €6,590      €200         €35,440                       €29,480                     €36,215

CRAFTER 35 MWB 177HP D8F HR             TBC      €7,006     €200          €37,670                       €31,293                     €38,445

CRAFTER 35 MWB 177HP M6A HR            TBC      €7,331      €200          €39,405                      €32,704                      €40,180

SOP = Start of Production

OTR – On the Road incl. delivery charge

M = Manual / D = DSG. 5/6/7 = No. of Speeds. F = FWD / A = 4Motion.


The VW Crafter  LWB/EL

Description                                          CO2             VAT              VRT             RRP (Incl VAT)         OTR (Ex. VAT)           OTR (Incl. VAT)

CRAFTER 35 LWB 102HP M6F                 198           €6,162            €200                 €33,155                     €27,623                     €33,930

CRAFTER 35 LWB 140HP M6F                198            €6,522            €200                 €35,080                     €29,188                     €35,855

CRAFTER 35 LWB 177HP M6F                199            €6,870            €200                 €36,940                     €30,700                     €37,715

CRAFTER 35 LWB 177HP D8F                TBC            €7,286            €200                 €39,165                     €32,509                     €39,940


SOP = Start of Production

OTR – On the Road incl. delivery charge

M = Manual / D = DSG. 5/6/7 = No. of Speeds. F = FWD / A = 4Motion.


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