14th March 2016

Features: Topaz AdBlue Helps Reduce Emissions and Cost for Irish Motorists

Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience retailer Topaz, has launched its new own-brand AdBlue product that is now available across its network of over 340 service stations.

Since the passing of EU legislation in 2005 which demanded most new road-vehicles built after 2005 be equipped with SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to meet Euro 4, 5 and 6 standards, AdBlue fill points have been introduced to most new vehicles in Ireland including tractors in 2012 and new diesel cars just last year. AdBlue, which is injected into the exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere, helps reduce harmful emissions, while also reducing the cost of fuel for drivers.

It is estimated that Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles equipped with SCR Technology obtain a fuel saving of approximately 5% (Euro 4) and 7% Euro (5). Recent research conducted by Topaz found that while 97% of the Irish public admit that they would like to reduce their impact on the environment by driving more efficiently, many are failing to take the simple measures to help them do so.* Over a third of the survey’s respondents (38.5%) admitted to not even knowing which fuels are the most efficient and environmentally friendly and almost 1 in 10 regularly take a gamble on the quality of the fuel they purchase by not visiting a recognised and approved retailer.

Speaking at the launch of Topaz AdBlue, Jack Condon, Lubricants Manager at Topaz said: “Many of our customers driving new diesel cars do not realise that their vehicles require this product. To meet the latest Euro 6 emission limits most modern diesel engines will have a separate tank requiring this product and with the launch of Topaz AdBlue we are providing a solution which our customers will need while also trying to educate our customers to the dangers of running out of AdBlue. If a driver chooses to ignore the AdBlue warning light on their dashboard their car will slow down and ultimately stop when it runs out of AdBlue. To develop this product we worked in line with car manufacturers to deliver an off the shelf approved product which comes in a spill proof bottle and with a fill nozzle that makes topping up simple for our customers. Our Topaz AdBlue also complements our Topaz Quality Fuels in that SCR technology also helps increase fuel economy and further assists in reducing fuel emissions.”

The Topaz AdBlue® 1.89L, which is available across the company-owned dealer network at €12.99, is easy to use with a special fitting to fit most modern diesel cars. It is a no mess product thanks to a non-spill cap and is fully licensed and approved by major automotive manufacturers.

For further information visit www.topaz.ie

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