22nd March 2016

Blog: The World Car of the Year 2016

This week the New York Auto Show will kick into gear. The Show has hosted the World Car of the Year Award since 2006.

To qualify for the WCOTY, cars must be sold in at least five countries and two continents. The jury consists of 48 automobile journalists from 22 countries and they select the winning vehicles.

Previous winners have included the Volkswagen Golf Mk 7 (2013), the Volkswagen Up! (2012) and the BMW 3 Series (2006).

There are several categories; Overall World Car of the Year, World Luxury Car, World Performance Car, World Design Car of the Year and World Green Car of the year.

This year, the three finalists for the 2016 Overall World Car of the Year include; Audi A4 Sedan, Mazda Mx-5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Jurors do not simply judge a car on looks or performance, cars are judged on their “Fitness for Performance”. This criteria allows a Minivan to be compared to a sports car or an SUV compared to a Roadster. The cars are judged on whether they are fit for the purpose intended.

Cars that didn’t make the final three short-list for 2016 included the ŠKODA Superb, the Hyundai Tucson and the Toyota Prius. They made the longlist but not the final three. However, when you look at the cars eligible for the shortlist, it is clearly an honour and an achievement to reach that stage.

The winning cars will be announced on the 24th March and pretty soon after that, you will see the badge of honour in the rear window of the winning car.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the results on Thursday 24th.

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