23rd December 2016

News: Tesla makes Powerscourt Hotel their first Irish Destination Charge Point

Tesla has announced that their first Irish Destination Charge Point will be at the County Wicklow Powerscourt Hotel (http://www.powerscourthotel.com/), with another 10 locations due to be installed in coming weeks.

Destination charging is part of the full charging picture of Tesla ownership – home charging for day-to-day travel, Supercharging for long distance journeys and then charging at your destination while you are enjoying your time away.

Tesla say that the key is to think of your car charging when it’s idle during your downtime, either at home or where you are going. Then using the Supercharger network to take a short break to grab a coffee on a long journey. With all these options and the longest range of any electric vehicle at up to 613km on a single charge, waiting around unnecessarily for charging has effectively become a thing of the past.  

Tesla is continuing to build momentum for their Irish store opening and first Irish deliveries next year. The new destination charger is not just for Irish owners though, as a lot of UK (and probably European) customers are looking forward to the development of the Tesla charging network in Ireland.

Laura Hardy, Communications Manager for Tesla UK and Ireland commented, “Model S and Model X are electric cars that travel all over Europe thanks to the ever-expanding charging network. I know UK customers who don’t think twice about driving to Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. Some have even driven to Norway and Sweden to see the Northern Lights in their cars. Anyway, you get the picture.”  

Destination Charging map: https://www.tesla.com/en_IE/destination-charging with the Irish point soon to be added.



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