23rd August 2016

Reviews: Ford Fiesta Black Edition – Feisty fun at Forty 

In the small car segment, Ford’s Fiesta is now its 40th year and has ticked many a box across all its decades – a firm driveway favourite.

Last Word First

This Black/Red Edition, which is also available in Red/Black, may look like more of the same, but is a real cheeky chappie, with a definite personality of its own. Powered by its 125bhp, 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder turbo-petrol EcoBoost and bedecked in its special livery, sits 10mm lower, carries beneath a sportier suspension, stiffer rear axel, revised tuning on its power steering system and new shock absorber and spring settings. 

Make: Ford, Model: Fiesta - Black Edition, Engine: 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder EcoBoost 3-door hatchback, Power: 125bhp, Torque: 200NM, VRT Band: A2, CO2 rating: 99/km, Annual Road Tax: €180, Transmission: 5-speed manual, Boot Space: 276 litres, Fiesta entry price starts from €15,990, with price for Fiesta Red/Black edition starting from €21,800.

Black Edition comes externally with: Body kit – front and rear sports bumpers, side skirts and rear roof spoiler, Colour: Panther black - red accents to mirror caps, front bumper aerofoil, upper and lower grille surrounds trim, red roof, 16-inch black alloy wheels. 

Interior features include: Ergonomic black leather-trimmed sports steering wheel, Leather-trimmed handbrake, Black floor mats, Charcoal black sports seats.

Some of the competition: Opel Corsa, VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza, Renault Clio, Mazda 2, Mini, 

First look

Sporty – no question methinks you would have to have the personality to go with its overt enhancements, courtesy of its glossy red roof, red mirror caps and front face ringed in red, which brings distinction to every street it strolls. It stands on standard 16” black alloys and wears a lovely hooded rear spoiler. 

Overall its panel fit is typical of what we now look for in all cars, with even shut-lines and great paintwork. The quality of what’s available to the car buyer today is well worth acknowledging, and here in this feisty Fiesta it is in abundance.

Inside Story

As can be seen from the internal design cues listed above, this Fiesta Black Edition carries its outside theme into the cabin, never letting you forget about Ford’s intent – this is not for the boring.

It is of course typical Fiesta, the layout and switchgear well laid out and solidly functional. Being a three door, it calls for flexibility and tolerance, and for me being on the south side of six feet, provided a roomy driving position, but restricted space for anyone seeking to sit behind me.

On the Road

The basic Fiesta is a very good road companion and should you require some serious push, its ST variant is one of the best driving cars on the planet. So, fitted with Ford’s three-pot and 125bhp, running sportier suspension and gearing, this Black Edition runs tauter on the road and will satisfy the driver in you with its road chat and is entertaining competent through the twisties.

Sitting on 16” wheels as standard the Fiesta Black Edition does not jar too much over road undulations, but like all bar the large SUV’s, it requires its speed reduced and its suspension at full height before you attack a reversed pot-hole, commonly known as a speed hump.

Road and wind noise was not too instructive on the motorways and maintaining road pace with traffic is a doddle with the EcoBoost coping unfazed, albeit I went for sixth gear numerous times – more out of habit than requirement, the five available well spaced to fit the driving demand.

Final Word

Customising your car choice is a perfectly acceptable desire or hobby. Here with the Fiesta Black Edition, you get a car with paint and toys direct from Ford, with no approval or warranty worries. Like many of the cars in this supermini segment, which are very talented and often a started car for those entering motoring, this sportily dressed Fiesta is bound to affect the pulse of many seeking that little extra.   

Buying a car in this segment is deserving of your time. Create a test drive list of your top three/four choices – the Fiesta has to be on it – and enjoy the investigation.


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