18th September 2013

Blog: Eye Fitness Tips

Firstly get your eyes tested if you haven’t done so within the past two years and bring a friend or family member if they too haven’t checked.

Specifically tell the optician that you want to be tested for driving – check for night vision also.

Always, always have a pair of Polarised sunglasses in your car – leave them there!

Polarised sunglasses will prevent eyestrain and fatigue in bright, glaring or low sun, (autumn/winter), conditions. During the day in heavy rain, Polarises sunglasses will improve your vision.

Don’t spend money on designer frames, when it’s the lenses that are vital to your safety.

Good driving lenses will prevent chaotic light that bounces off wet road, glass or painted surfaces into your eyes from various angles. Ask your Optician for their advice.

The way you maintain your windscreen can also affect visibility on the road. Never use washing-up liquid in your windscreen washer bottle. It contains detergent and a rinse agent, which may clean the windscreen, but will leave a glare there, which can cause sparkle when driving at night against the headlights of opposing traffic. Your local garage/Motor Factors will gladly supply you with the appropriate additive.


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