15th March 2017

Features: EasyTrip tips on avoiding St. Patrick's Day blues

As St. Patrick’s Day fast approaches we all face a dilemma - delight of having a day off and some down time, but anxious of the crowds and the hustle and bustle it brings for watching the parade. Mobility solutions specialist, Easytrip, offers the following tips to ensure you get the most out of the day.

Dublin’s St Patrick’s festival is set to be the biggest yet attracting over 100,000 overseas spectators from 16th to 19th March. It’s a day out with friends or a family trip into town to see the parade and with this there is always going to be logistical concerns with the extra crowds descending on the city.

With this in mind, easytrip, who specialise in cash free and most importantly hassle free parking with their easyParking service have compiled a list of five top tips to ensure you get the most out of the day:


  1. Choose your mode of transport- public transport can be stressful and busy on the day so driving in is a good option. The easytrip car parking service works in most of Dublin major car parks. The easytrip tag is scanned on entry and exit to the car park, with no need to take a ticket or queue at the paying station, and the fee is then automatically deducted from the tag holder’s account. 


  1. Do your research- know the start time, route and finish time of the parade to ensure you get in for what you want to see and at the location that is most convenient.


  1. Dress appropriately - knowing Irish weather it could be a scorcher, cold or raining so make sure you layer up and bring a poncho; rain jacket or umbrella and be sure to wear something green!.


  1. Bring snacks – Dublin city will be busy so if you have snacks of your own you won’t be dealing with feeling famished whilst looking for somewhere comfortable and convenient to eat.


  1. Enjoythe day - it only happens once a year so be sure to enjoy the spirit of the day.


General Manager of easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney said: “St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favourite holidays at easytrip however we all know how stressful it can be to get everyone organised and out on time to get to see the start of the parade. Having to find a parking space and look for change when your leaving is one less thing to worry about with our parking service, allowing you to enjoy the day to the fullest!”

The easytrip parking service is available in 16 car parks in Dublin, specific car parks along the Dublin parade route include Cleary’s car park on Marlborough Street for the beginning of the parade as well as the Fitzwilliam Hotel car park on Glovers Alley; Trinity Street car park; Setanta car park on Molesworth Street, or catch the parade at the finish line by parking in Thomas Street car park. For the full list of car parks visit:https://www.easytrip.ie/parking/.

For more information or to sign up for easyParking service call 1890 67 67 68 or log onto www.easytrip.ie. Customers of easytrip Ireland save on toll fees, avoid incurring fines on the M50 motorway and have access to all 11 toll plazas nationwide as well as exclusive cash-free access to 25 car parks across Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford and other motoring services. 


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