23rd April 2014

Blog: Clean Up Your Parking


Badly Parked Car

Spring has sprung, and while it’s a great time to get active in the garden and clean out your wardrobe, why not spend some time cleaning up your parking habits too? A recent accident that we witnessed at a busy car park, reminded us that a little more planning when parking your car can make quite a difference in creating a safer driving experience for you and others.

We all know that car parks can be tricky. Some provide minimum space for the average car to slot into, requiring you to limbo out the door space once parked, while other spaces are marked so as to invite you to drive in at an angle. On-street parking can also provide parallel or perpendicular parking, with the added challenge of passing traffic.

While most of us can manoeuvre into a space quite easily, it is in exiting the car, and in eventually leaving the parking space, that accidents are most likely to occur. Here are our suggestions on how to clean up your parking habits this Spring:

  • Plan to park facing direction you wish to leave
  • Avoiding nose to kerb parking, or parking where busy traffic or other obstructions may affect your visibility
  • Start to reverse into parking bays, to see what difference it makes to your exit
  • Leave plenty of room between your car and the next, for passengers to exit and enter both cars. If necessary, choose another space. You will be much happier if your car is unmarked when you are leaving.
  • Avoid battles over parking spaces...added stress and tension resulting means you are much more prone to an accident.
  • Beware the enthusiasm of children and other passengers in exiting the car at shopping centres and other locations. Children in particular will not be as visible to other drivers.

Happy Parking!

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