24th September 2016

Newreview: Citroen DS3 Prestige BlueHDi120 S&S Test Report

Wearing the DS badge, this three-door hatchback is far removed from the DS we motorheads recall from the 1960/70’s.

Last Word First

Now a distinct parallel marque within Citroen, the DS brand stands alone and with this DS3, comes in two trim levels, Elegance & Prestige, offering bespoke boutique motoring to those who like individuality and flair. Akin to others within this sector, the DS3 has its own personality, offers oodles of customization options and ultimately, looks premium inside and out. The DS3 drives great, is finished fashionably well and will definitely suit drivers who like their car to have more character than the mundane.

Make: DS, Model DS3, Style: Premium 3-door hatchback supermini, Trim Levels: Prestige and Elegance, Test Car Trim: Prestige, Engine: 1.6D, Power: 120bhp, Torque: 285Nm, CO2: 94g/km, Annual Car Tax: €180, Boot Space: 285 litres, Intro Price: Prestige BlueHDi: €27,795 Test Car price: €28,545, Warranty: 5 Years, plus 3 Years DS’ Roadside assistance.

Some of the Competition: Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Opel Adam and Audi A1.

Outside View

I like the bodylines of the DS3, its 3-door design combining glass and metal wonderfully. Add to this the colour choices available and it is easy to create your very own mobile fashion statement. It stands on lovely 17” alloys, the front end working well, its vertical DRL’s (Day Running Lights), either side of a distinctive, chrome accentuated grill, with its headlights sitting high above. The rear is smooth-curved and fancy free, with the rear quarter panels gelling metal to glass in a unique and eye-pleasing way.

Inside Story

Shiny piano black, metal and leather make the interior of the DS3 an upbeat, happy place. Internal room is comfortable for the two up front, but if you are a six-foot plus like me, your rear seat passengers need to be of the compact variety.

The DS 3 Elegance trim gives you sports seats, new ‘Dinamica’ cloth trim and automatic air-conditioning, together with rear parking sensors and the DS Connect Box emergency and assistance system.

Among the additional offerings available to those choosing the Prestige version include, eMyWay satellite navigation, front parking sensors, Alcantara upholstery and 17-inch alloy wheels.

On the Road

Pulled along by a very enthusiastic 120bhp turbo-diesel, the DS3 can deal with all traffic situations, from city to motorway, from back road to mountain pass. The six-speed manual transmission is nicely ratio’d, allowing for progress to be maintained without the need to have Michael Flattley’s fleet of foot.

This DS3 is no fire-breathing GTi, but it is entertaining and when classifying its performance you have to take into account its appearance in and out. Thankfully it is not camoflauged by its said appearance and should satisfy the driver and everyday user.

Final Word

Undoubtedly a niche car of choice, the DS3 speaks with its own accent and will therefore appeal to those who like its tune. In this vogue segment of motoring the DS 3 is well capable of strutting its stuff.


ENGINE                            CO2 (g/km)                          MRR OTR PRICE

PureTech 82                              107                                   €21,345


PureTech 110 S&S                    100                                    €23,145

BlueHDi 100 S&S manual           87                                     €23,795

PureTech 110 S&S EAT6            105                                    €24,095



PureTech 130 S&S                  105                                      €27,295

PureTech 110 S&S EAT6          105                                      €27,595

BlueHDi 120 S&S                     94                                      €27,795


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