8th March 2018

News: Citroën’s new C4 Cactus to make May debut

Citroen’s new C-segment compact hatchback, the Citroën C4 Cactus, will roll onto our roads in May, boasting its own personality of exterior and interior design, with plenty of tech and big emphasis on driver/passenger well-being and comfort, under the umbrella of Citroën’s Advanced Comfort programme.

This 2018 C4 Cactus stands 1.48m tall, the new C4 Cactus is 4.17m long, and 1.71m wide. It promises space, light and a welcoming passenger compartment, with soft fabrics and soothing colours.

The C4 Cactus comes with 12 driver assistance systems, including Active Safety Brake, Grip Control and Lane Departure Warning. There are also three connectivity technologies; Citroën Connect Nav, Citroën Connect Box with the brand’s Emergency & Assistance system and Mirror Screen functionality.

New C4 Cactus gives new owners the option of external personalisation options, with nine body colours – including a new Emerald Blue metallic paint – and four Colour Packs, giving a total of 31 possible combinations. 

This 2018 C4 Cactus comes with a big emphasis on refinement and comfort, with enhanced soundproofing, its suspension, courtesy of Progressive Hydraulic Cushions is a European first and is standard specification across the Irish range. This next-generation technology absorbs road imperfections for a magic carpet ride effect, without adversely affecting the car’s handling or driving pleasure.

As well as bolstered support and height-adjustments for the driver and the front passenger, the Advanced Comfort seats feature adjustable lumbar support for the driver, and are standard specification on Feel and Flair trims. Comfort is assured by the foam and high-density layer used within each seat. The construction delivers the correct support, which is particularly beneficial on long journeys.

A 7-inch touchscreen groups together all of the key vehicle functions, such as the air conditioning, radio and telephone. New C4 Cactus promises continuous connectivity and infotainment. 

Other connectivity technologies include voice-controlled 3D navigation via Citroën Connect Nav, Citroën Connect Box with Emergency & Assistance and Mirror Screen functionality with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.


C4 Cactus Technology 

New C4 Cactus 12 driving assistance systems include:

Active Safety Brake – Reduces the risk of a collision by braking in place of the driver. The multi-purpose camera at the top of the windscreen detects obstacles, for example a vehicle moving in the same direction or when stopped. The system engages the brakes automatically when a risk of collision is detected, from 3mph (5 km/h) to 52mph (85 km/h).

Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation – Recognises speed signs and displays the information on the instrument panel. The speed can be registered as an instruction for the speed limiter/cruise control with one simple instruction.

Lane Departure Warning System – Active at speeds of over 37mph (60 km/h), the system detects the accidental crossing of continuous or dotted white lines when the indicator has not been used. It warns the driver via a sound signal and visual alert on the instrument panel.

Coffee Break Alert – This feature prompts the driver to consider taking a break after they have been driving for two hours at speeds above 43mph (70 km/h).

Driver Attention Alert – Warns the driver when the system detects lateral movement relative to the road or lane margins using the multi-function camera at the top of the windscreen. The feature is especially suited to motorway use at speeds over 40mph (65 km/h).

Blind Spot Monitoring System – Lights in the door mirrors warn the driver if a vehicle is present in the blind spot on either side of the car.

Park Assist* - This system provides active assistance for parallel and perpendicular parking. On the driver’s request, the feature automatically detects a parking space then safely steers the car into it.

*Available during the first half of 2018.

Reversing Camera – When the driver selects reverse gear, a camera displays the rear view of the vehicle on the 7-inch touchscreen. The image is supplemented by colour reference points, which indicate proximity to any obstacles.

Hill Start Assist – To make hill starts easier, this system prevents any undesired vehicle movement on inclines when the brake pedal is released. The function activates on inclines of over 3% by holding the vehicle in position for two seconds.

Front Fog Lights with Cornering Function – Depending on the angle of the steering wheel, the left or right fog light activates in addition to the main headlights to illuminate up to a 75° angle to the right or left of the vehicle. The system operates at speeds above 24mph (40 km/h).

Keyless Entry and Start – This system allows the driver to lock, unlock and start the car without taking the key out of their pocket.

Grip Control – Enables the vehicle to adapt its front wheel grip depending on the surface (snow, mud, sand etc.)

Details on pricing and Irish specification will be released in April. For more information visit www.citroen.ie

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