18th April 2017

Reviews: BMW 5-Series 2017 – Every day could be a day like this

This BMW seventh generation 5-Series, the G30, offers drivers a car of the future today. 

For me, the 5-Series is an aspirational car, one that arrives in your driveway after the apprenticeship ladder of transport has been scaled and a level of life success. Prices start at €52,800 for the 520d in rear wheel drive, the xDrive 520d asking €56,340.

Safety and comfort systems don’t come any more advanced than the 2017 5-Series, the autonomous era well and truly represented. One can easily assume that the replacement for this car in five years will rid the roads of the human element that causes over 90% of road collisions.

The importance of this new 5-Series cannot be over emphasised, with its sales alone accounting for over fifty percent of all BMW sales – people love the 5-Series. Like me, they enjoy the road tactility offered by the 5-Series and now with this generation, you get xDrive, which transforms the car into one that chews corners for breakfast, all the while you are bathed in opulence, connected to the world like never before – what’s not to like?

Make: BMW, Model: 5-Series, Format: Executive 4-door saloon, Engine: 520d, Power: 190bhp, Torque: 400Nm, (530d has 265bhp and 620Nm of torque), Transmission: 8-speed automatic, Drive: rear-wheel drive, with xDrive 4-wheel drive option, CO2: 108g/km on two-wheel drive & 124g/km on xDrive, Boot Space: 530 litres

Some of the competition: Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Volvo S90, Lexus GS, and Jaguar XF.

Outside Story

BMW have gone some way to changing everything about the older model and yet the similarity unquestionably remains. The front end is slimmer, leaner, the BMW grill, headlight/foglight and day running lights giving the 5-Series a look of real importance – job done.

The 2017 5-Series has shed some 100 kilos, all due to smart alloys and manufacturing voodoo, its chassis based on the OKL platform, but without the carbon fibre magic, ‘neath the new 7-Seires.

Inside Story

Quality – from the instant the door is opened, to sitting in behind a driver and centre console that is clear and ultra up-to-date, the 5-Series does not disappoint. The optimum driver’s position is there for everyone, my six-feet-plus frame settling in nicely, whilst leaving room for a similar adult at my back.

Where the BMW now radiates is in its provision of all manner of information with the wave of your hand, the sound of your voice or the old-fashioned way of the touch of a flick. Connecting you to the outside world is its forte, allowing your emails to be read back to you as you transverse your journey, the volume raised via gesture control, as the 5-Series seeks out a parking spot and then slots itself in, parallel or perpendicular.

Road Story

BMW boffins concentrate a vast amount of time, energy and finance to ensure their car have a high level of driving tactility. The standard rear-wheel drive 5-Series was always great company on a long road journey, my memories including numerous adventures in their 535d and 640d in particular – every metre a delight.

With the advent of xDrive the 5-Series now adds a prowess that allows very spirited driving on your favourite mountain pass and greater physical and mental security when the road surface goes iffy on those wet and wintry days.

My short road test at the 5-Series launch was enough to convince that BMW has moved it substantially forward to combat the demands of consumers and the avaricious pack at its heels. In a world where nothing stands still, BMW’s offering in the 2017 5-Series will satisfy the driver, when they are online and on-road. A longer association with the 5-Series is in the diary – in big red letters – Fairy Hill, the Long Woman’s Grave and Carlingford for lunch – sorted.

Tony Toner - Motoring Correspondent for BeepBeep.ie

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